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Our designed life has moved!  If you have found yourself here from a click, odds are you’ve got an old link.  So please, refresh those bookmarks and rss feeds, we are now over at www.ourdesignedlife.com


Time for a change

Why hello ladies and gents, how is your week going so far?  I have some news for you today, I have decided to give Our Designed Life a little facelift, and boy does it need it.  When I first started the blog, I had no idea what I was doing.  I didn’t understand really how to post let alone design a layout.  A year has come and gone and thanks to you loyal readers my humble little blog is a success!  For the time being posting will be a little light as I am working on a totally new look for the blog.  The goal, one month.  One month to have a new look, new features, new giveaways and a new server.  But I will be back!  Promise.

You can still keep up with all my shenanigans on Twitter and I will keep the links and weekend shots going over on Facebook too

And do stop by and check out my daily photos as I will be keeping that going for some daily inspiration.

Thanks to all of you again and see you in a few weeks!

{{photo by Monica Alicia for our designed life}}

Etsy Top 3 Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone.  Its time for a little stroll through Etsy.  Shall we….

First up are the darling designs from Carambatack Design.  Each piece is created by Annette Mangseth from Norway, and has a one of a kind feel.  Prints, original illustrations and ACEO (art, cards, editions and originals) kept me clicking and clicking, I just love them all.  And if you fell in love with Annette’s shop, stop by her Flickr photostream where you can find her paper and crafts, carved stamps and tons of drawings.

Now this next shop is geared more toward the little guys and gals.  More and more of my friends are having babies, and its important to give your little one a colorful place to lay their little heads.  Barking Bird Art has cute and colorful creations designed by Rebecca from Portland Oregon.  These are sure to make that kiddo smile and stimulate creativity.

And last but certainly not least are the designs over at Maryink.  I am a total tee shirt and jeans kind of girl, but its so hard to find something that is age appropriate and worthy of wearing.  I could so see myself in these shirts, and most are 100% organic cotton so you know they feel fantastic! Each shirt is created using found vintage items, original illustrations, clip art and photography and are then printed by hand.  And, everything in the store is on sale!

And the winner is

The lucky winner of the CardsInk giveaway is Megan F.  She will receive 10 cards of her choice from CardsInk.  Megan, check your email, and congratulations.  And a thank you everyone who played!

Who’s up for a trip?

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope the week flew by for you.  Or you were at least able to stay dry and warm.  I suppose I am in a bit of a “let’s just go somewhere” phase that had me checking out cute and affordable hotels around the country.  If you are looking for a place to lay your little head out in New York, check out The Pod Hotel.  At rates under $100 during the week and $140 for the weekend, its definitely worth a glance.  Located in Midtown this trendy budget friendly place has fun rooms with “hip, convenient and personalized accommodations” and has a lovely outdoor dining terrace.  The goal this year, to make it back out to NY!

Staying with friends?  Re live your early years with these fun bunk beds and stay up late watching your personal t.v!

And apparently the rooms inspire slumber parties, photo opts, serious hair flipping and jumping on the bed.  Now that’s my kind of room!

All photos via The Pod Hotel

Tumblr Thursday

Time for some Tumblr Thursday inspiration don’t you think?  Perhaps its the lack of sunshine here in my little corner of the globe, but bright pops of color seem to be the running theme this week… although isn’t it pretty much there every week!?  Anyway, the work week is almost over and I don’t know about you, but I just want to escape into some of these shots.  That little orange chair there, me want.

All photos from Tumblr, please click each photo for the link and credit.

Who said shoes have to be put away in a dark and gloomy closet!  Loving these little guys on a little shelf, besides for as much we us gals pay for footwear, we better treat them like art!

Happy Thursday!

Have you heard?

If you follow me on Twitter or are a fan on Facebook, you are very aware of my newest little project.  And if you don’t, well, come on, what are you waiting for.  Just kidding, sort of.  Anyway, I wanted to share with you all that I started Project 365, a photo a day project that will take me through the year.  To date I have 16 shots (I started a little late and didn’t make it for a Jan. 1st start), some of them I love, some I shot just to shoot.  Sometimes it happens, what can I say.  Just scroll up to the top and click the tab “Photo of the Day” to see what I am up to.

And if you are interested in starting your own Project 365 I highly recommend it as well as joining in on the fun over at Project 365’s Flickr group with over 16,000 folks all showing their best of the day.