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Its Tuesday and have I got some fun Etsy finds for you.  Now that most people are on some type of budget for the holiday season, why not do some early shopping with all the talented folks on Etsy.  Today I am showcasing finds that would make for some great gifts, or you know awesome additions for yourself too!

First up are the lovely finds over at CC Star.  If you have a love for fun, bright vintage fabrics, then  you will love Celeste’s shop!  Lately I have had a fascination with little buttons and have started collecting them for a larger project, and some of these are just way to perfect to pass up!  CC Star is filled with coin purses, cuffs, buttons and small pouches all made with found vintage fabrics and ties!  How cool is that!  And if you are in Northern California and are just loving all the crafty goodness, be sure to stop by all the craft fairs CC Star is participating in, I sure wish I could! And if you are on facebook, you can even be CC Stars fan too! Just a few things that I am crushing on, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Next up are the fun finds from The Crafty Pantry.  Using drawings, paintings, photography and digital drawings, this talented lady has a fun and colorful collection of totes, cards, gift tags, lunch bags and even wine bottle bags.  I am just loving all the bold colors, and want all the totes!  How perfect is that Cheers bag for wine gift giving… it will look so much better then sticking your bottle in one of those holographic bags.  And those produce bags, I think I need an entire case of those for this veggie eatin’ household! And be sure to check out the blog for shop updates and all around craft fun. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

The 3rd shop for the day, Rohmer,  is filled with all kinds of fun pencil cases made from colorful and whimsical prints.  Like me and a little old for pencil cases? Why not store your makeup or small items…. we all have something that can use a bag!  They could even double for a casual clutch too!  Your little ones will love them, the older ones will always find a use.  For an inside on how designer Eileen creates these little guys, check out her featured seller interview for Etsy.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

And on a side note I somehow managed to find two stores today that are both located in the Oakland area… a short driving distance from my hometown!!


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A little cartoony

Do you ever come across something, in this case an artist, and literally fall in love with everything they have ever done?  Yeah, that just happened to me.  I somehow stumbled upon Tumblr (more on that later!) and just couldn’t get enough of these little figures by Kurt Halsey.  There is something so genuine and in the moment about these little guys.  So after browsing his blog, one look at his shop and I was done for.  Plus, Kurt just seems like a pretty awesome guy, and dreams about the being a part of the Steve Irwin! Below is just some of his work for sale, his tumblr, Kurt.Halsey.is.love has tons of recent drawings for your viewing pleasure.  And, for anyone living in Philadelphia, stop by and check out his work at the Art Star Gallery & Boutique, open till November 1st.  I would be totally jealous.

Kurt Halsey

Kurt Halsey

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I was just introduced to Selvedge, an independant magazine filled with images and great design, and their line of ‘drygoods’ available for purchase.  I am loving all of the natural and unique items, I want them all!  A few from their site that I can’t quite get enough of…

(via freshly found)

A few years ago, I knitted the fiance a few ties for him to sport around the office, and boy were they a hit!  At the time, knitted ties were extremely uncommon and ‘kitsch’ like.  Now, you see them everywhere.  I like to think deep down that I was a little ahead of the trend, but really, he needed a white tie, I had white silk yarn, and there you have it.  Anyway, back to Selvedge, they have some pretty impressive hand-knitted Alpaca ties at a whopping 25 euro (approx. 41 US). And the colors are sure to add a little something to that dull work outfit!

Picture 10

I have been on the hunt for an apron now, for what seems like forever, and just have not found one that is just right.  They are either too girly, too themed or just too good looking to get grease and food all over.  When I came across the Fog Linen Work Apron, I literally said out loud, “here we go!”.  No joke.  Just said it.  Produced in Lithuania (oddly enough, a place I had to give a report about in school) and are made from flax.  They just look so darn comfortable!  If you like the apron, be sure to check out the rest of the Fog Linen Work Clothes line as well, I want them all!

Picture 13

So I’ve got guys, girls, what about baby?  I just couldn’t resist this adorable picture of a sleeping baby in the Felt Babywear line.  So adorable.  And functional, I don’t have a baby, but sure do know the hassle of losing a sock/shoe/glove and getting stuck with just one.  Seriously, those things should only be sold with strings holding them together!  Too cute.

Picture 14

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Fun with prints

For those of you who may have missed it over at Decor8, Leanne Graeff’s Patterns and Prints shop over at Etsy is just too cute to pass up.  I was drawn in by her caravan printed fabric and with a quick look around at her shop, that was just the beginning of her unique products.  I am simply loving her custom house portraits on tea towels.  You can actually commission her to create a one of a kind towel by sending in photos of your home, or if you are just that awesome, give them to friends who have just moved.  What a gift!

Picture 2

And if that weren’t enough, check out her House Next Door hand pulled linocut prints.  Each print is cut and inked by hand giving it a very one of a kind look.  I have always liked images of homes ever since I was little, its no wonder I became a designer!

Picture 3

Picture 4

And of course, if you are handy with a sewing machine, or a brave hand sewer, there are some fun and colorful prints available as well.  I am always on the lookout for ways to brighten up a room, and a few pillows with this fun fabric would really do the trick!

Picture 5

Picture 6

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It has been a while since I stopped over at Night Owl Paper Goods, and there are so many new items!  I love that they use wood, and the journals are eco friendly, and who doesn’t love that.  Their cards are perfect for any and all occasions, a few of my favorite cards that could brighten anyones day…. Party Lamb, Spring Gourd Nest, Modern Folksy Blue Bird and Pup with Leaves.  There is just something about cute little critters that make me so happy, and I know I am not the only one!

Picture 18

For all those artist, list makers, writers and doodlers, a sketch pad can be your best friend, and these notebooks and journals are the perfect size to fit in handbags, totes and computer bags.  Made from sustainably harvested birch and incorporates 100% post consumer recycled pages, you can feel a little better scribbling on paper.  The stand outs for me… Pup Doily Flower Journal, Plume Journal, Tan Rosette Wood Journal, and the Corny Bug Jotter

Picture 5

And because you can never really have too many bags, these two totes are just too cute.  On the left, the Owl Flowering Branch Tote, perfect for shopping and the Night Owl Paper Goods book tote, perfect for well, books!  So stop by and check out the goods!

Picture 6

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As mentioned, I stopped by the Renegade Craft Fair, and there were some serious crafters, artists and designers on hand.  Unfortunately I could only make it on Sunday, so I missed out on the Swap a Rama Rama, but still had plenty to take in and get inspired from.  A few of the stand out companies with fun, quirky and artistic products to share…

First up is the lovely jewelry from Ornamental Things, a indie jewelry company out of Austin Texas run by Natalie Tischler.  I was drawn to her hand made wares, and with the use of vintage pieces, she takes old and mixes in a touch of new to really make these pieces pop.  Not only are they great to look at, most pieces on display at the show were very light and delicate, perfect for a night out!  Be sure to check out her site where you can buy directly!  A few of my favorites I saw at the show and a few from the site I love, from left to right: Purple Romance Ring, the Moroccan Tea Room Necklace, Gilded Lantern Earrings, Skeleton Key and Pearl Necklace, Queen of Roses Necklace, and the Pearl and Brass Necklace

Picture 10

One of my next stops, was over at Sycamore Street Press to find all things paper.  From prints to cards, tags and even letter-presed frames (one of my favorites!) this booth had so much to look at.  Owned by wife and husband team, Kirk and Eva Jogensen, their work was simply beautiful and quirky, just the way I like it!  A few items worth a second look… from left to right: Letterpress Friendship Card, Letterpress Frame Mat, Botanic Thank You card, Numbers and Letters posters, and a Limited Edition Original Print.  Be sure to check out their site for shopping fun and inspiration, and if you still are craving more, stop by their blog and  Etsy shop.

Picture 6

Perhaps one of my favorites of the show was Tanya Aguiniga, an artist and furniture designer raised in Tijuana  Mexico and now based out of L.A.  I was drawn into her booth by the amazing wool yarn necklaces, cuffs and jersey bracelets.  They look incredible on, and are amazingly light and airy.  After talking with Tanya, I found out she was in fact a furniture designer and wow, her work is a-maze-ing!  And, thanks to Tanya, my fiance may have found his wedding ring!  I highly recommend checking out her site, there are tons of great furniture designs as well as additional goodies for sale.

Picture 15

Picture 11Picture 14Picture 1

There were so many great artists at the show, I will feature a few more throughout the week for all of you that missed it!  If you are in the San Francisco area next weekend (July 18-19), the Renegade Craft fair will be going on and most of the vendors are making the trek up north, so do check it out!

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Like always, I was on the hunt for some great sales and found a pretty good one at Hygge & West.  Included in the sale are tees, jewelry, home accessories, totes, baby items, specialty cards and an assortment of miscellaneous items.  I would highly recommend taking a quick look to see if you can spend some and save some.  A few that stood out…

Lace Earrings:
Picture 1

Giraffe Large Tote and the Sawasawa Large Tote:

Picture 4

The School Bus Bottle and the Scrawl Bottle

Picture 9

The Winged Message Note Card Set and the Camping Note Card Set

Picture 11

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