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Hooray, its Tuesday and time for some Etsy Top 3.  Today I wanted to show a range of goodies, and as always, Etsy never lets me down.

Lets start off today with the lovely findings from Sugarloop.  Designed by Bernadette from New Zealand, these small giclees are perfect for adding a touch of color and whimsy to any room.  Most are sized at 8×11 or smaller, so you can create an entire collection.  I would love any of these little guys for my bare white walls, and lets not forget the little ones in our lives, these are perfect for kids rooms! You can also visit Sugarloop’s blog for more cuteness and some pretty cool pictures from around Bernadette’s hometown. 1. Lotus Wing Bird 2. Powder Blue Deer 3. Jungle Boogie Orange 4. Tree Trunk Owl 5. Marimekko Inspired Birds 6. Starburst Tree in Green 7. Chocolate Brown Owl

Etsy top 3 Tuesday, Sugar loop

Looking for objects to make a house a home?  Might I suggest taking a look over at Trampoline, a little shop run by Kim who has an eye for all things vintage and fun.  Over the years I have grown to love little things, you can always find a spot for them and most can be used as conversation starters!  A few from Kim’s shop that caught my eye to spruce up a place. You can also check out Kim’s fun photostream on Flickr for more inspiration (I used a few for last weeks color inspiration!)  1. Para Dos 2.  Number fifteen 3. Carrie it all 4. Stoneware Saucers 5. And away we go

Etsy top 3 Tuesday, Trampoline

Seems I am on a bit of a vintage kick today.  Oh well, I’m going with it.  For my last Etsy find for the day, I stopped off over at Sweet Love Vintage, a shop run by Sarah out of Wisconsin.  Not only does she have an amazing eye for awesome finds, she makes it a family thing… be sure to read her profile, cutest story about gaining a store name!  But back to the finds, if I could stomach digging through garage and estate sales, I would probably end up with a collection like hers!  Still want more vintage?  Be sure to stop by Sarah’s blog for more.  The lovelies: 1.  Vintage Kodak Blue Gray Movie Camera, 2. Orange Printed Glass Milk Bottles 3. Robins Egg Blue Key decoration 4.  Retro Big Eyed Owl 5. Red Metal Magazine Rack

Etsy top 3 Tuesday, Sweet Love Vintage


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While browsing through 2Jane, I started to realize there was so much that I liked!  I love their different types of products, including their line of paint by number wallpaper.  I have a long time love of paint by number, when I was little, my grandmother and I would sit at the dining table and paint, by number, for hours!  To see it for the walls makes me want to whip out a cheap set of paint with a brush with only 10 hairs!  (For those out there that have ever painted one of these, you know exactly what Im talking about!).  Anyway, a few things that I wouldn’t mind finding a place for in my house.

Fusion lace coasters and Lovely lovely vinyl tablecloth
Picture 1

Champaign glasses and Chandelier Print Light

Picture 4

Wall Stripe Paint by Number: High Seas Hijinx and Floral Funk

Picture 3

And they have the Tilly the Flying Dog paint by number wallpaper!  I actually got a sample of this years ago to talk about it to my materials class in college!  Although mine was from Europe!  Can’t believe they are still making this print.

Picture 5

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If you are looking to spruce up your summer glassware, why not start with this pitcher and glass set?  Ever since I was little gazing at my Grandma’s glass, I have always been a fan of this style, and absolutely love the color!  Selling as a set with 5 glasses, and for way under original prices!

To check it out, click here.

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Anthropology, while normally thought of as a higher end clothing store, really has some beautiful home items as well.  A few glasses that caught my eye, clockwise from top left: the Sea Glass Tumbler, the Fleur De Lys Glasses, the Buttercup Wine Glass, and the Saintpaula Double Old Fashioned.  Bringing a little spring happy-ness into those dark cupboards!

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Every once and a while, its good to let out your your quirky side, or in this case, my quirky side!  I just love these fun little Pound Party Picks, something so unexpected.  Imagine your next party, now imagine your guests faces when they reach for a toothpick, only to receive a nail instead.  Perfect topic starters.  Comes with a “wood block” made from food safe foam that has been weighted down.  Maybe now I can drink one of those uber girly drinks and feel just a little less wimpy.  Plus, they are reusable.

To order the Pound Party Picks, click here.

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Found these fun bar accessories over at Poketo and just couldn’t resist sharing!  And what might they be you are asking?  Bottle openers!  Now you can open up a bottle after a bad day and instantly smile while using these.  Made from stainless steel and are 1/2″ x 5″.

To order, click here.

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Next time you have friends over for cocktails, slip them one of these fun ice cubes.  Made to look like a sinking ship in your drink, friends may just have too much fun reenacting the sinking scene from Titanic!  Purely for fun, these little cubes will add a little something at your next party.  Ships not your thing?  There are also dentures, guitars and skull and crossbones too!

To order, click here.

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