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Updating that bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, we usually only get to see the standard rectangle tub/shower and a sink.   The guys over at Prodigg thought outside of the box when it came to designing their tubs, sinks and tiles and I am loving the shapes.  I have always been a fan of stand alone tubs, why should we have to be up against a wall anyway?  With a more organic shape, they are modern yet still functional, and claim the price is just right… what ever that means.  I am loving this first tub, Egg.  I can just imagine climbing in after a hard day.  You can view their entire line here by downloading their catalog.  

(via trendir)

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These sinks are perfect for smaller spaces.  With the functionality of a pedestal and the added countertop space, these sinks could add so much to a bathroom!  Plus, they are just darn good looking.

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Never one to pass up a good sale, Urban Outfitters is having a giant summer sale, and there are several things in their apartment section worth taking a look at.  Included in the sale: bedding, furniture, tabletop fun, rugs, draperies, pillows, book and tons more. A few of my favs from the site…

To check out the sale for yourself, click here.

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Finally, a way to get those pesky smells out of your house and car without looking like an evergreen or smelling like flowers on a hot day. The Chikuno Cube is made from ultra fine powder of bamboo charcoal and clay materials, creating an odor absorbing smart box.  Its only 2 inches big but packs a mean punch because of its honeycomb design.  Plus, it can be re-used for up to 1 year, just give it some sun beams for 6 hours a month.  This is so popular, it sold out with a few days, but will be back in stock in a few days.

(via outblush)

To order the Chikuno Cube Natural Bamboo Air Freshener, click here.

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I like to add a little humor into everything I do, and when I came across Moggit, a blog to “tackle ‘fugly’ design and home decor”, I just had to share.  They find great photos of not so great interiors and write what we are all really thinking but are just to chicken to say.  It may have been the first time I have laughed over interiors on a blog, ever. 

To check out what they are saying, click here.

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Tiny plants


Always a fan of adding plants to my house, I stumbled upon these little “birdhouses” from Greenware Design.  Designed as hanging planters and made from clay, these are great for kitchens and bathrooms.  And, each comes with the plant ready to go.  Approximately 4″ in diameter. 

To check out Greenware Design’s Etsy store, click here.

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There is just something super simplistic about this pendant that I just love.  Made from glass and metal, this look would work great over any table!  Size: 11″ diameter.

To order the Globe Pendant,  click here.


Moroccan inspired side table with hand applied decals make for a little fun in the room.  Made from fired porcelain and measures 12″ square x 17″ H… perfect next to a sofa or bed.   Plus, its on sale!

To order the decal square drum table, click here.


And last but not least, these fun tree trunk boxes are a fun way to get organized without looking like you have a bunch of boxes everywhere.  There are two sizes available, small: 5″ diameter x 3″H;  medium: 9″ diameter x 3″H.

To order the Wooden Trunk Boxes, click here.

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Found these fun metal tiles at Modern Tile Studio.  They consist of a porcelain body that is wrapped in stainless steel with 1/8″ grout joints.  Clockwise from top left: Penny Rounds, Edger/Thin Brick, Small Squares and Brick.

To see more and order from Modern Tile Studio, click here.

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