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Our designed life has moved!  If you have found yourself here from a click, odds are you’ve got an old link.  So please, refresh those bookmarks and rss feeds, we are now over at www.ourdesignedlife.com


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I just love that everyone is getting on the 365 bandwagon.  Last week I started my very own photo a day page here, and today I came across the lovely findings from artist Lisa Congdon out of San Francisco.  Since she was a wee one, Lisa has been collecting objects and nicknacks for her own viewing pleasure and as of January 1st, she has started documenting all that she has.  And boy does she have a lot.  Each day Lisa will be photographing, drawing or even painting collections she finds in her home or dreams about owning.  But how will she fill 365 days?  Just check out her home, she has some pretty serious collections and an amazing eye for color.  Keep up to date with Lisa on her blog, A Collection a Day, 2010.  To see even more amazing collections from around her home, stop by her home tour here.

Photo’s via a collection a day, 2010 and apartment therapy.

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