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Whether you are a paper, book or art enthusiast, this book could be hours of fun!  In case you missed it over at Design Milk, they are giving away a copy of Paper Tear Fold Rip Crease Cut to one of their lucky readers!

Paper profiles over 50 artists and designers who work with the medium, from the vast sculpted installations of Mia Pearlman and the delicate paper incisions of Noriko Ambe, to the light-hearted illustrations of Robert Ryan and the forward-thinking furniture design of Tokujin Yoshioka. The book also charts the history of the material and its role as an art form, from the process of its manufacture in Ancient China to the most recent technological advances.

Following the medium as it is pushed to its extremes, Paper is an elegant and insightful look at the sumptuous world of paper today. A richly illustrated and beautifully designed book which will appeal to designers, art students and paper enthusiasts alike.

If interested, you have one more day (giveaway ends August 28th!) to enter over at Design Milk!  Everyone can always use a new colorful and inspiring book!

(photos and info via design milk)

Paper: Tear, Fold, Rip, Crease, Cut

Paper: Tear, Fold, Rip, Crease, Cut

Paper: Tear, Fold, Rip, Crease, Cut


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I am a huge fan of books, in fact, my small one bedroom’s main focal piece is the giant bookcase that has migrated to a bigger wall in the dining room and is of course color coordinated.  And now, I may just have to find space for one more book, although looking at the shelves, I really don’t see the possibility of adding to our giant collection!  The Sartorialist is introducing its very first book, if you are a fan of the blog, you are going to love the book!  With photos from all around the world, this book is going to be an essential for photography and fashion enthusiasts.  The book comes out August 12th, but you can pre-order yours here and save a little money in the process.


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Thanks guys

There is probably no better way to feel better then by winning something.  Yesterday while under the weather, I got a knock at the door and a package was left.  Sitting under my mat, was Gaia’s Kitchen, Vegetarian recipes for family and community by Julia Ponsonby.  Thanks to Your Daily Thread and their Meatless in May campaign on facebook, I was one lucky winner!  It sure did perk up my spirits just looking at the soup recipes, and thanks to this book, I now have tons of recipes to feed not only a family, but up to 40 people at once!  I see a dinner party in my future!  Thanks again!

Picture 3

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For those that know me personally, they can tell you I might be a little, well, lets just say I pay attention to every detail and stick to schedules.  That’s just how I am.  And chronically early for everything thanks to my Dad.  For most of my adult life I have lived off lists.  For everything.  There is something about crossing that one line off that makes you feel so accomplished… hey I never said I am exciting!  Anyway, for those who also enjoy keeping your life organized, be sure to check out the Listography Journal.  Its a great way to keep a journal without having to spend the time writing pesky sentences.  Each page gives list topics, starting with the general stuff: favorite food, greatest accomplishments, and gets trickier with topics like guiltiest pleasures and greatest acts of kindness.  Oh, I love lists.

(via delphine ephemera)

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Never one to pass up a good sale, Urban Outfitters is having a giant summer sale, and there are several things in their apartment section worth taking a look at.  Included in the sale: bedding, furniture, tabletop fun, rugs, draperies, pillows, book and tons more. A few of my favs from the site…

To check out the sale for yourself, click here.

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I may have just found my new best friend in book form!  As I can’t sit still and am always knee deep in projects, why not get a book to give me even more ideas right?  This book gives over 40 simple projects to work on, including embroidering, painting tableware and even etching glass.  And at under $15, it feels like a steal!

To buy Remake, Restyle, Reuse, click here. 

(via each pretty penny)

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I love coffee table books, and this one is a definite must for my collection!  Not only is it a book, its a pop up book with a light!  Made in a linen bound book, this book when opened displays either a red lampshade or blue street lamp that actually lights up.  Unfortunatly it does not give info on how it is powered, my guess is by battery.  None the less, it is a way cool book!  Approximately 16″x12″.

To check out the Book of Lights, click here.


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