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Finally, a way to get those pesky smells out of your house and car without looking like an evergreen or smelling like flowers on a hot day. The Chikuno Cube is made from ultra fine powder of bamboo charcoal and clay materials, creating an odor absorbing smart box.  Its only 2 inches big but packs a mean punch because of its honeycomb design.  Plus, it can be re-used for up to 1 year, just give it some sun beams for 6 hours a month.  This is so popular, it sold out with a few days, but will be back in stock in a few days.

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To order the Chikuno Cube Natural Bamboo Air Freshener, click here.


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Accident prone?


While stains are not necessarily design related, we often times find ourselves in panic mode when we spill on our clothes or even worse, spilling that glass of red wine on a bright white sofa!  The Field Guide to Stains, give tips on how to get rid of (or at least help) with over 100 pesky marks.  And, since it is so small, it is perfect to store in an office drawer.  Now you can return from your lunch meetings without that extra shirt or quick change of clothes.  I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to get coffee or ink out of that tough white shirt!

To read more on the Field Guide to Stains, click here.

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For you you laptop users out there, the Laptop Hideaway might be your next best friend.  Designed to sit on the floor, without tipping (!), this bag can store a laptop up to 15″ wide along with its accessories (plugs, mouse, etc.) and with its double storage compartment, you can also store your paperwork. And because of its modern look, the hideaway can be left out when company is over, making it just one more thing you don’t have to rush to get tidy!

To find out more on the Laptop Hideaway, click here.

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Now that January is almost over, its time to finally de-clutter your closet and you may be surprised what you may find in the back!   Along with getting rid of all those clothes that you don’t wear, or can’t fit into, take a look in your jewelry box.  Most of us have jewelry we never wear, or have only worn once with that one outfit, that oh look, you are now giving away!  Before donating all of your goods, take a look to see if anything can be used as something else.  Have a few bangle bracelets or watches?  Try wrapping them around napkins for a unique look or wrap around cords to keep them looking neat.

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Shine, shine on


Now that stainless steel is popping up everywhere, from sinks to appliances to countertops, it is important to be cleaning it with the proper product(s).   To get regular kitchen grime (yes, we all have it, no matter how clean you think you are!) it really is quite simple.

The best method to use is to take hot soapy water  (regular dishwashing liquid soap works just fine) and a nonabrasive sponge and clean over the surface, going with and against the grain (but be careful not to get stuck in the “wax on wax off” motion!)  Simply this will get most surfaces clean, however if you notice its a little duller then normal, its working.  All that shine is grease!

For additional grime, Sheila Shine, works to fight against everything.  And I mean everything.  Even those pesky fingerprints that always show up right after you cleaned!

To find out more about Sheila Shine, click here.

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