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Its Tuesday and you know what that means… my top 3 Etsy store picks for the week.  Each week its different, depending on what I can find that will help you out with small details for around your home, office, outfit or even crafting project.  Have an Etsy store that is filled to the brim with designed goodies?  Send me your link so I can take a look at all my crafty readers!

The first shop for today is filled will all kinds of crafting goodies.  Now that the holidays are coming, and most people are starting handmade gifts (if you aren’t into making things yourself, buy handmade, its good karma!) and Nothing Elegant has some great little additions to make your projects even better.  From tapes to stamps to envelopes and even fabric, there is something for everyone.  Everything is from Korea and is worth a browse through all the interesting and new designs! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Also check out Hye Kyung’s blog, for fashion finds throughout Korea.

Nothing Elegant on Etsy

Next up are the works of Michelle Brusegaard from North Dakota, and boy is this lady talented!  Just a look at all she does is enough to make me tired, a painter, fiber artist, card maker, screen printer and photographer just to name a few of her many talents.  And over in her shop, design is everywhere.  With so many talents, its no wonder there are so many items for sale, just a few that I was loving… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 And be sure to stop by her blog and say hi, or join her mailing list for discounts!!

Michelle Brusegaard on Etsy

And last up for this week is the findings from Vintage Chevelle.  Aside from an awesome name, this shop has some lovely finds that would be perfect for a little change around your place.  Keeping accessories dust and clutter free are a must, but collections are always fun to have around.  Sitting on my bookcase I currently have a wedding photo, our guest book, a framed music page with a song written by my father in law to my husband when he was little, a painting and two Simpson bobble heads (can you tell which was the addition from the hubby?!).  As long as it makes sense to your personality, the collection doesn’t matter!  And Vintage Chevelle has all kinds of little trinkets to make a house a home. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Vintage Chevelle on Etsy


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A true believer in things should always look nice, when it comes to wrapping or mailing a package, the design just always seems to fall flat.  Yes, the paper gets ripped off and thrown away, but given to someone who appreciates a pretty little package, its all in the details.  I was so excited when I found out about Uguisu Shoten, an online shop for Japanese designs.  Their main specialty, tape.  Adding tape to a package can really make a difference and surprisingly, tape can be used in hundreds of ways.  Hiki, the master mind behind it all has a great eye and brings together a fun crafty collection and gives some great ways to use the products on her blog, Jollygoo.

(via yellowgoat photos via jollygoo)


uguisu tape

uguisu tape sets

Along with all the tape fun, Uguisu also carries some fun stamps and kitchen linens.  A few that I wouldn’t mind adding to my rapid growing collection. 1. Birdcage Porcelain Hanko Stamp, 2. Clock Stamp!, 3. Giraffe, 4. Fog Linen Works kitchen cloth and 5. Happy Blue Bird dishcloth.

Uguisu goodies

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If you pop in to A Designed Life often, you are well aware of my love of anything crafty.  Add furniture to the crafting scene and I am all in!  I can’t stop looking at Melanie Porter‘s hand knitted upholstered chairs… makes me want to brake out the knitting needles.  Like I need yet another project right now!  With a background as a knitwear designer, Melanie takes chairs with good bones and strips them down to the frame herself.  She then restores and reupholsters each one with a series of hand knitted panels that she herself creates for each individual shape of each chair!  Those buttons, she even hands knits those too!!  I bet they are so comfy and warm to sit in, I would never want to leave.

(via freshly found!)

I think that green one is my favorite, what’s yours?

Melanie Porter chairs

Melanie Porter chairs

Melanie Porter chairs

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Usually I try to get upcoming events posted by Wednesday to give you guys enough time to add it to your schedule, well, I am a day late.  Hopefully most of you still don’t have plans this weekend, because there is going to be what sounds like an awesome craft fair in L.A and its totally FREE!  The Renegade Craft Fair will host over 200 crafters and all their wares at the California Market Center.  Did I mention its free?  The fair will run both Saturday and Sunday, but if you can make it on Saturday, they will be featuring a huge Swap-O-Rama-Rama, for $5 and a bag of old clothes (or $10 without) you can walk in, grab as much as your little arms can hold and walk out!  Plus, there will be silkscreen stations available to really make something unique!  There are tons of other fun things, raffles, DJ’s, and a free photobooth just to name a few.  I know what I’m doing this weekend, hope to see you there!

(via indie fixx)

Picture 5

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I am like a kid in a candy store these days when it comes to everything crafty, and I just stopped by Paper Source to get my fix for the day, loving all their new products!  Yesterday, I got my first burst of energy in a week and decided to organize my craft area… a few hours later and some money spent, Im still not done.  I think I see a trip to PS in my near future!!  A few things that I am loving to spruce up your home, office or home office.

First up, Ceret Cerise Canvas Fabric, sold by the meter.  Perfect for those out there who are crafty enough to turn fabric into fun and colorful accessories.  A great way to add a punch of color to a patio or living room!  And, its only $10 per meter!!

Picture 11

I am always scribbling down new usernames and passwords thanks to all those sites I adore, and am loving this Open Sesame Password Journal.  This sure does beat having to wait to have your password sent to you, just as long as you can remember where you put it!  And I just love the front cover, although, Bob is not my Uncle, he’s my Dad!

Picture 2

Working on setting up my inspiration board, okay, I have only bought the backing so far, but that counts!  After seeing their collection of fun magnets, I am seriously thinking of adding a magnetic area.  The iPop Owl Magnets are just too cute, and a great way to add little details to all your work.  They are a great way to add some color to your fridge as well, they sure do beat those free ad magnets we get in the mail!

Picture 9

You know me and my thirst for everything colorful, these organizational boxes will sure come in handy to get all those loose papers in order and add some fun to those shelves. The Papaya Pool Gravel Stripes Office Organizer comes in several different box types, making them perfect for any type of organizational needs.

Picture 10

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