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What do you get when you mix 1 outfit with 365 days and a dash of accessories?  The Uniform Project.  I am so excited to follow Shenna Matheiken from NY as she goes along the remaining 11 months (she started this May) as she takes one dress and jazzes it up for a day about town.  Did I mention its the same dress? Just checking.  So far, she has been able to transform a dress specially designed for the project by her talented friend.  And her style!  If only my closet had half of what she has already worn!  Why is she doing it you may ask.  Throughout the year, donations will be accepted on behalf of the Akanksha Foundation, a volunteer group of college students bringing education to slums in Mumbai.  In addition to monetary donations to the foundation, if you have any accessories that you were thinking of getting rid of or would simply like to give to a great idea, they are greatly appreciated. The original dress is the first on the left in addition to some of her creations so far:

Picture 4

Picture 7Picture 10


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How great would it be to walk into a store where everything was free to the taking.  Think of it as having permission to shoplift, legally or course.  Started originally in San Francisco’s ever popular Haight- Ashbury district in the last 60s, this free idea gain attention again last month with the opening of Free Store in New York.  Shoppers were encouraged to browse, take and donate if they wish.  On guy walked away with a corkscrew, book and notebook for the price of a vintage dress he donated.  Sadly, the store has been closed (perhaps due to lack of $$!?)  Now if only we can get something like this out here in la la land.

To read the rest of the Free story, click here. 

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For most of us, our four legged friends are more then just friends, they are family.  Many times, they grow to a ripe old age, and you have had time to grow with them for years and share the love.  But for some, their pets are taken too quickly.  For those out there that have had a pet with diseases, you understand, it is hard to come up with the funds to keep them on medicine or pay for surgery, and Praxis, a dog diagnosed with lymphoma needs our help.  His owners have collaborated with several artists and have several pieces to bid on at ebay. This is a great way to introduce new art in your home that is truly inspirational.  Each piece purchased gives 10% to the Magic Bullet Fund. There are only 2 days left so check it out!!!

To read more and see how you can help, click here.

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While we always encourage readers to use reusable bags for shopping, this Feed bag not only helps in keeping landfills less full, but also gives to those in need.  With each bag purchased (you can find them as low as $30!) the UN World Food Program will donate food for a child in school in over 70 countries, making it a little easier to do well in school.  For many of these children, this meal is the only one they will receive throughout the day.  There are two different bags, Feed 1 (provides food for 1 child) or Feed 2 (providing for 2).  These bags can be seen all over L.A and with such a great cause, why not buy a few!

To read more on Feed the children of the world, click here.

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Donate today


Dress for Success, an organization based on helping women less fortunate get back into the working world by assisting them in providing interview ready clothing, is looking for people like you to donate.  With the unemployment rate getting higher and higher, there are many out there who cannot afford to purchase clothing appropriate for their interviewing process.  And that is where we come in.  Take a look in your closet.  Donations are desperately needed and include everything from monetary donations and clothing (suitable for interviewing only!).  

To read more, or make a donation to Dress for Success, click here.

Have mens wear that you could donate as well?  Career Gear, a non-profit organization would like to hear from you!

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