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Free iPhone app

For all of you out there that own an iPhone, and have a wish to know every color possible around you, you might be interested in Sherwin Williams new app ColorSnap.  Using a photo that you snap, this app identifies the color within its 1500 color collection and even gives you a coordinating color palette.  Great for those who want to truly use inspirational pieces as an influence of their paint color.  Oh, and did I mention, its free

To download your Sherwin Williams ColorSnap application, click here. 

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Flowered computers


HP teamed up with fashion designer Vivienne Tam to create their new Digital Clutch.  And with a nod to her peony print from her Spring 09 show, this little computer may start to pop up all over coffee shops.  The computer is only 2.5 pounds and 1″ thick, just like those lovely little purses we like to shove everything in, and 10″ display with a slightly smaller keyboard.  On sale at Neiman Marcus of all places!

To order the Vivienne Tam HP Digital Clutch, click here.

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New Apple toy


The new iPod shuffle is out, but does it live up to its previous versions?  Perhaps.  First off, its tiny.  Think smaller then a key, its a whopping 1.8″ tall and 0.3″ thin!  It talks to you, still out on if that is actually a “feature” or a nuisance, and no not talking like how is your day, it tells you what you are listening to and what playlist you are on. It only holds 1000 songs (I have almost triple that amount on itunes!) but if you are like most people, 1000 seems like a lot!  But, for $80, this could be a nice addition to a workout or stroll down the beach!

To find out more on Apple’s new iPod shuffle, click here.

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Found this lovely pink Sunbeam Mixmaster Handmixer today on Etsy.  Not every home needs one of those fancy upright mixers out on their counter.  If your home is more on the eclectic side, why not try fun items likes these!

To see Etsy page, click here.

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Miniot has come up with a stylish way to keep your new iPhones safe and secure, using contrasting woods fused together!  Shown above is their model for the iPhone 3g, made from wenge and maple.  Don’t have an iPhone?  Coming soon through their Heritage line, the iWood nano, made from Ancient Kauri timber, aged 30,000-50,000 years!

To read more and order the iWood, click here.

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Traveling fan




For those of us living in apartments, what you see is what you get when it comes to light fixtures, particularly ceiling fans (unless you pay for new items only to be left behind when you move).  This Urban Fan, designed by William Oltman, could be the answer to all our problems.  With the ability to plug in (that’s right, a plug in ceiling fan!) and work as both a fan and a light, this design just could be a great solution for anyone with little floor space.

To read more on the Urban fan, click here.

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We all know we need to brush daily, but how clean are those things we like to call toothbrushes?  The Violight Toothbrush Sanitizer, designed by Philippe Starck, uses ultraviolet rays to sanitize each brush (up to 4 at once) keeping your pearly whites,well, white.  The sanitizer has proven to get rid of 99.9% of bacteria that is already living on your brush!  With several different styles, it is perfect to leave out on the counter or be put in a medicine cabinet.  And for all those who leave their toothbrushes out, please, take a look at how close it is to your toilet!  Each time we flush, you would be surprised how far water from the bowl can splash out!

To read more about the Violight Toothbrush Sanitizer, click here.

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