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With just a little summer left to go, stores are starting to have all their end of the summer sales, and I am loving the sale over at Cost Plus. There are so many great finds, from casual/outdoor entertaining to decorative and colorful items for your home, with 425 items to look through, you are bound to find something. Just a few outdoor items I am wishing I owned now that I have an outdoor area! (Pictures of the work in progress on the patio soon!)

Bamboo Plates are a great option for outdoor or casual entertaining.  These are made from organic bamboo and are biodegradable.

Bamboo 'paper' plates

I don’t know how many times I have worried about my glass table getting nicked when we have company, and I couldn’t imagine what I would worry about with a party tub.  Luckily, this one is made out of acrylic, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  Another must have is the Acrylic Pitcher, sturdy enough for parties and pretty enough for everyday use.

Picture 9

Acrylic Pitcher

And of course, a tray or two for serving makes entertaining even easier.  Loving the White Washed Floral Tray, and its on sale!

White Wash Floral Tray


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With 4th of July only 2 days away, the stores around my place have been bombarded with everything red white and blue, and I am so over it.  For everyone out there throwing together bbq’s, pool parties and dinners why not consider some modern colors and ideas to spruce up that party?  And leave it to good ol’ Martha to supply us with some great ideas.  

When serving dried foods, why not try these fortune teller bowls to add a little bit of interest to your tabletop.  You can either get festive with the colors or go bold and create something perfect for your setting.  And if you can’t remember how you got those darn things folded when you were a kid, here are some how to’s. 


Serving up some thirst quenching drinks?  For an added touch of fun, add some paper parasols to your drinks to turn them from boring to festive.  You can download these red, white and blue ones here.

Picture 2

If you are serving small goodies like candies, fruits or nuts, instead of serving in a bowl, why not try these adorable little paper cups.  They seem super easy to make and really make an impact visually.  Remember, its the little details that make a difference!  


And with that ladies and gents, I am off for the weekend… a little early.  Happy 4th and see you on Monday!

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Ok, summer is just around the corner and more and more stores are slashing their prices on summer items, so why not take advantage right?  West Elm is having a pretty decent sale on glassware and glass accessories, as well as many other fun finds.  A few that stood out, both in looks and price.

Be sure to check out the rest of their sale item by clicking here. 

The Medina Glass Jar collection:

Picture 4

The Art Glass collection:

Picture 6

The Clear Glass collection:

Picture 7

The Recycled Glass Drinkware collection:

Picture 1

And the Hammered Acrylic collection: 

Picture 8

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While I love living at the beach, I do miss having space to spread out on a back patio.  Found these photos of creative outdoor spaces over at Martha Stewart and just looking at these makes me want to host dinner parties.  Now, to only find me a patio!

To get even more inspired, click here.

(via martha stewart)




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