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I love mosaic tiles, and the flooring over at The Standard Grill in NY must have cost them a pretty penny…. or thousands for that matter.  Thats right, they tiled a giant portion of their floor with actual pennies.  Now, Im not so sure how it works with the whole, we cannot deface money issue, but it sure does look pretty amazing!  Reading through comments via not cot, a penny is .75 inches in diameter, you would need approximately 256 pennies per square foot.  At $2.65 per sq foot, it may not be the best for large areas like this, but totally do-able for small instillations.  At any rate, its still fun to look at although it would drive me crazy to have them facing all directions!

(via not cot

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Going to be in L.A June 26-28 and totally into interior design, be sure to check out CA BOOM in Beverly Hills.  What is it exactly?  Open to everyone, this weekend event packs great exhibitors with their newest products, collections and projects all under one roof.  You can find everything from actual firms showing off their amazing designs to small business with all the newest trends in design.  There is even going to be a prefab home on display just outside the venue and Coolhous, the uber cool ‘prefab’ ice cream sandwich company will be on hand serving their architectural treats.

This year, there will be a tour of the Stahl House, a case study home built in 1959 and holds the title of being one of the top 10 houses in Los Angeles.  A portion of ticket sales go toward preserving the home.

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Found these fun metal tiles at Modern Tile Studio.  They consist of a porcelain body that is wrapped in stainless steel with 1/8″ grout joints.  Clockwise from top left: Penny Rounds, Edger/Thin Brick, Small Squares and Brick.

To see more and order from Modern Tile Studio, click here.

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Moving carpet


Flor, a company known for their design inspired carpet squares (aka tiles) is really stepping up its game.  Not only are their styles, colors and uses becoming larger, above, their “working class” carpet that is durable enough to even lay in your garage; but they are also environmentally friendly.  Through their recycle program, all used carpet (did I mention they are tiles, so they travel from house to house!) gets turned into brand new product!

To see what Flor is up to, click here.

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Old furniture


Often times I am asked by young couples how to make an apartment look like a collaboration of the two of them instead of college furniture run a muck. The best way to get around it on a tight budget?  In a short answer, refinish.  Everything looks different with small changes.  Have a great sofa you just got but he’s not really into the whole floral print thing?  Try getting it reupholstered or change the legs and pillows.  The same goes for wood furniture.  Try stripping it down and re-staining to more of a collaborative look.  Plus, it gets the two of you working together on a DIY project!

Of course not everything is worth saving.  Do your research, it may cost you more in the long run then a new purchase.  Designing a home is fun, not stressful!

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Corked walls


Looking for a different look for your walls or floors?  Cork Tiles are perfect for those searching for sustainable materials, and, they sure are certainly more interesting to look at then regular tile.  These tiles are made from cork stopper industry’s by-product and are water resistant!  Sold by individual tile (1 square foot) and comes already mounted on paper mesh.  You can also pre-seal these (for a natural color) or dye using wood stains to change the color to match your decor.  Your guest won’t believe its real cork, so watch out for those who need to touch the walls to believe it!

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Do you have a room in your house that just never looks right with a standard rectangular rug?  The Imperial Rug is an interesting approach to solving that problem.  Each piece (comes with 10 to a set) is designed to fit together perfectly and create a giant puzzle under your feet.  It comes in four different colors, and is low enough to fit under doorways, plus its a fun way to add some pizzazz to your floor.

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