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Ok, so the holidays are coming up, and the economy is starting to pick up again, but lets face it, not fast enough.  So, for today, I present to you a collection of items that can spruce up your place or make for some great gifts, all on sale.  That’s right, every single item below is on sale!  Granted some sales are better then others, but a sale is a sale! So please peruse the goods and save some money!  Click each number under the images to get to the sales.

Sale bathroom

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Sale tabletop

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Bedroom sale

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

sale living room1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


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Mo Man Tai

If your a frequent reader, first, thanks, second, you know of my fascination with mixing modern and traditional elements to create an amazing space.  And boy to I have a perfect example of it today!  Designed by Mo Man Tai‘s Ulrike Jurkles and Roel van Hove of Etsprit, these tables are simply stunning.  Made using recycled tables, Ulrike created a lacy design and had it etched into stainless steel to create a modern touch to an ordinary tabletop.  I fell in love with the tables, until I started perusing her products, I will take one of everything!  The Luminaire Travia, below is a perfect way to add a touch of detail and give off light in some amazing patterns.  In addition to all the etched work, Mo Man Tai (which is Cantonese for No Problem!) has also created a series of canvas collages.  Meant to bring affordable artwork to everyone, these guys come in several sizes and are in  limited circulation only.  For more info, be sure to check out their site.

via.  all photos via mo man tai

Mo Man Tai design upcycled tables

Mo Man Tai Design luminaire travia

Mo Man Tai design canvas collages

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Would you rock?

So I just found this funky little rocking chair and had two things come to mind.  First, wow, thats interesting to look at.  Second, there is no way you could talk me into leaning back.  What do you think?  Would you rock back in forth in a chair with 10 legs and no arms?  Im one of those people that can’t even work a hammock so the odds of me flipping, sliding or falling would be huge!

Ku Dir Ka rocking chair

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When I think back to school projects, a blur of color boards, fabrics and drawings all come to mind. Our final projects were left up to us to determine what we would like to design, although it never went past the whole, this would be so cool in real life point. Malin Kallman, a product design student from Edinburgh College of Art has developed an amazing final project that just needs to be shared!  Kallman, the brain behind Darwin not only created a fun product, she also encouraged blog readers to interact on big decisions at her blog, Design by Darwinism.  When I was in college, I didn’t even know what a blog was (whoa, did I just date myself here?) but allowing others to comment on the process is such a great idea!  You can see some of the evolution process here where she discusses her ideas with readers and encouraged people to vote for details of the design. The result?  A way cool bookcase/seating/shelving situation that just begs to be placed into tight spaces.

(via like cool)

The Idea:


The final result!


Darwin detail

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Its been quite a while since I have done a poll around here, so why not today.  On one of my blog reading tangents I stumbled upon the i-Bum by interactive designer Tomomi Sayuda.  My first thought, um, why.  My second thought, okay, this could be interesting but a little peeping tom-ish.  According to Sayuda, “the arse is the window of the soul” and the focus of the project was to show a visual of a “less popular” part of our body without really being noticed, although, I think if I sat on a chair and heard something moving under my butt, I’m not too sure how understanding I would be!  A sensor detects when someone sits and automatically creates a scan of their backside which is then produced from the side of the chair.  Overall, could be a fun art project, but as far as an actual chair, well, what do you think!?  Be sure to check out the rest of Sayuda’s work, this guy really thinks outside of the box to create an artistic world… I love when that happens!

(via tecnogad)

iBum Tomomi Sayuda

iBum Tomomi Sayuda

iBum Tomomi Sayuda

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More and more these days I am loving all white interiors with white furniture.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still all about color, but there is just something so calming about all white… with a little pop of color for good measure.  A few of my favorites from Elle Decor.

This kitchen is so light and airy, I can just picture sitting at that counter enjoying a nice cup of tea!

White Kitchen

I personally love all white bedding, the look is so clean and fresh.  I have always been a fan of chandeliers above beds… call me old fashioned!

White Bedroom

Ok, so maybe this child’s room isn’t all white, but come on, those kids would have stains everywhere by the time the bed is made! I love the added yellow/green draperies and those lamps… love em!

White children

It may be furniture placed next to a pool, but at least it was placed nicely!  And the dog was just too cute.

White furniture

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If you pop in to A Designed Life often, you are well aware of my love of anything crafty.  Add furniture to the crafting scene and I am all in!  I can’t stop looking at Melanie Porter‘s hand knitted upholstered chairs… makes me want to brake out the knitting needles.  Like I need yet another project right now!  With a background as a knitwear designer, Melanie takes chairs with good bones and strips them down to the frame herself.  She then restores and reupholsters each one with a series of hand knitted panels that she herself creates for each individual shape of each chair!  Those buttons, she even hands knits those too!!  I bet they are so comfy and warm to sit in, I would never want to leave.

(via freshly found!)

I think that green one is my favorite, what’s yours?

Melanie Porter chairs

Melanie Porter chairs

Melanie Porter chairs

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