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Hope you had fun

Hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial weekend.  The weather didn’t get the memo for nice temperatures here at the beach (although you couldn’t tell by the amount of traffic around town!), so I got to daydream of going outdoors and running through fields.  I did however score a really great table at a thrift store for $25!

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With February just around the corner, instead of buying those pricy flowers that die a few days later, this year go green.  Whether your are on the giving or receiving end of a Valentine, presents have always been hard.  This year, why not try giving saplings for you to grow together.  Organic Bouquet, a flower and gift shop, offers many eco-friendly products for everyone, including the Redwood tree sapling trio.  Along with their organic growing of each plant (yes, you can still buy those traditional roses) they supply you with information on how your plant or bouquet has met their eco standards.  Plus, they have a Eco-Points program, every time you spend a dollar, you get a dollar toward a later purchase!

To learn more on Organic Bouquets and their carbon offset program, click here.  To order the Tree Sapling trio, click here.

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Green wrapping


Now that Christmas is 3 (!) days away and you have all the presents, now is the time for frantic wrapping right?  Instead of buying wrapping paper, which wastes money (kids don’t care that you spent time picking out the perfect paper, really, they don’t) and trees, this year go green.  For the last two years I have been wrapping my gifts in old magazines that I have saved.  The best are the super glossy pages or artistic illustrations, but if you do not have any on hand, any page will work, just make sure your not giving your niece a gift wrapped in your last Cosmopolitan’s article about pleasing your man!  For bows, on the left above, I cut strands of paper and stuck together in the center, fanning out as I went.  For the tassel, I used old yarn and cut into long strips.  Next, fold in half and secure with more yarn.  


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Tip of the Week


Having company over for the holidays?  Want your house to smell like you have been slaving away, without the slaving part?  Try boiling a pot of water and add spices to give the smell of cookies in the oven.  I’ve used cinnamon, nutmeg and all spice.  Its a quick and easy way to eliminate pesky odors!  And, if its really cold out, instead of water use spiced cider for an extra drink when your done!

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So full of it


Every wonder how you could become more eco-friendly when it comes to scribbling on paper?  Now you can keep writing/drawing or leaving notes without feeling like you killed a million trees.  These journals are made of 100% recycled odorless elephant poop.  Yeah, you read that right.  Handmade in Thailand, you can choose from either a note box filled with paper, a 20 page journal or even Christmas cards.  Nothing like spreading a little holiday cheer!

And in case you are wondering (I was!) here is a link to how they make the paper.

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Having a holiday party this year?  Instead of buying fresh flowers or potted plants filled with Poinsettias, try an updated look.  Why not get into the Christmas theme with red and green apples.  These colorful beauties make a great centerpiece.  For a holiday look, put the apples in a large and low container (clear glass works the best) and add your own touches with strands of holly or pine cones.  Don’t forget to take off those pesky stickers!  And, as an added bonus, when you are aching for something later in the night after everyone has gone, slice some up for a great treat!

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Say goodbye to your regular boring gingerbread kit and hello to this modern concoction.  This is the second gingerbread house  Michelle Kaufmann has created.  This model is taken from mkSolaire which is a featured attraction at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

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