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Ah yes, its Thursday.  Here is to an inspiring and productive day!

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Happy Wednesday everyone!  Its the middle of the week, whew, what a week I have had!  After being stuck in a drab DMV yesterday for 3 hours just to change my last name, I wanted to give my eyes a break and check out Honey Interiors, a fab little firm out of L.A.  Owner and designer Tamara Kaye-Honey combines high end and cost effective pieces to bring a room together, and boy does she have a thing for color!  With a modern eye, Tamara creates lovely spaces mixing traditional items, textures, colors and lighting giving a warm and glowing feel to all her spaces. Love it.

via made by girl

Can I just say I LOVE those chairs and cushions!

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Good morning everyone, wanted to say hello bright and early since I will be spending the day playing with kiddo’s and making food with the family.  For today I wanted to give those eyes a break from all the bright lights, flashy wrapping paper and red and green filled candy jars.  Todays inspiration are all things white.  Sometimes an all white room just makes me want to throw a robe on and grab a book with the puppy and husband and just hang out all day.  White has always been my “relax” color, giving me a warm and soft feeling.  What color relaxes you?

All photos from flickr, click each photo for the link

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Ok, so I know yesterday I said I was checking out for the holidays, but well, I just can’t stop browsing blogs, fun sites and amazing photos.  So, over the next week an a half, I will be posting beautiful colorful inspiration for your viewing pleasure.  Besides, just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you don’t want something nice to look at right!?

Today I wanted to start out with my current favorite color, teal!  Please click on the photo for the link and larger image.

Ok, this one is a little more on the blue side, but that mirror!  Wow.

All photos via flickr.  Please click for corresponding photostream.

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Its Thursday already, this week month seems to be going by at record speeds doesn’t it?  For today I thought I would give you a little home eye candy.  Bold colors, whites, neutrals and a little creativity have seemed to catch my eye today, hope you enjoy and get some inspiration!

Have you decorated your place for the holidays and would love to share?  Well, I would love to see what all you lovely readers out there have created!  Send me a link to your blog/photostream/tumblr at monicaATmonicaaliciaDOTcom or leave a comment here and I will post them for all to share!!  And as always, you can post them to the fan page as well!

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