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I think everyone has that list of items that if given the chance would snatch up in an instant.  Sadly for me, its all still a dream, but if I won the lotto, I would splurge on these lovely little things to fill my place.  Besides, its always nice to look!  And with that, a few items my heart would flutter over.

1. Forest Glasses 2. Bird Nest Place Card Holders 3. Droplet Fruit Bowl 4. Ella Canisters

1. Self Watering Planters 2. Driftwood Garland 3. Round About Planter (I just got this delivered, I love it!)4. Button Love Cushion

1.Kenneth Cole Un-Beweavable 2.  Winter Aconite Tote 3. Treasured Trinkets Necklace 4. Laureate Headband


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And the winner is

Its the start of a new week, and what better way to begin a work week then with our giveaway results!  The lucky winner is Karen from South of the Border.  Karen, I will be emailing you shortly.  For all of those that participated in the giveaway, thanks and I hope to treat you guys to more in the future!  And a huge thank you goes out to Shelly at Mystic Pieces for generously donating this lovely little guy!

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As you all know I am a huge fan of Twitter, its such a great way to get to know people from around the world and last week, Shelly from Mystic Pieces sprung up in my inbox.  Well, lets just say, after a few clicks through her shop I just knew I had to share her amazing jewelry with you guys!

The Interview

So Shelly, how did you get started?

At the age of 7, my journey began in the art world when my Mother enrolled me into an oil painting class.  As the years continued my art background includes an art history major, traveling to many art events, working in a museum and now my favorite – creating delightful jewelry to adorn.   Jewelry creating started 12 years ago when I had a strong desire to create something.  Since then it has evolved into my Etsy store, local art shows in Phoenix, and selling my creations to boutiques in the Valley of the Sun.In the last three months, I have started creating full time.  I have envisioned this path for so many years and am tickled pink that I have finally arrived at one of my many on going destinations.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration for me comes in way too many places to list just one.  I am constantly fascinated by what other artist, jewelry designers, writers and musicians can create!  Talent and inspiration is everywhere.  I’m fascinated by design whether it be in an ad, billboard, interior decorating, or clothing.  Composition and materials are always running through my brain.

My current inspiration is to look for the positive in all events.  There is a reason and season for everything.  I’m constantly on the look out for quotes that encourage one to better themselves or to inspire to push the limits of one’s potential.  I think in life as with my jewelry its finding the right pieces of the puzzle to fit together to create something wonderful.

One of my favorite quotes:  “Life expands or contracts in direct proportion to one’s courage” ~Anais Nin

You mention Steampunk often, what exactly is it?

Steampunk is a genre of time traveling to an era of steam powered engines, Victorian motifs and attire, industrial, and mechanical (thus the watch parts) themes.  It’s a life for some including dressing the part, events and creations.  It completely fascinates me, however it’s a little warm in Phoenix to be wearing all those heavy Victorian clothes.  Steampunk to me is a time of romance and luxurious items.  The Victorian era is rich in details from the intricate Victorian homes to the elaborate laces, dresses and furniture.   I just love it all.  You can see more here.

What is your favorite piece available now?

One of my favorites is the Steampunk French Bee Necklace. (shown above, it was one of my favs too!) I love the composition, the many different components and the uniqueness of this piece.  It incorporates a time that once was from the vintage pieces, plus a little fun with a French bee and flower.  It’s just a delightful piece.

Have any favorite shops around Etsy?

I love The Home Centric.  Love her choice of materials and composition.  Just scrumptious!

Tilly Bloom, love all the unique images.  The black and white themes add to the richness of her whimsical and fun pieces.

A true Steampunk artist, Winona Cookie, features imaginative individuals with Victorian flair, love her work!

And of course, Stiletto Heights, a favorite photographer on Etsy, the richness of colors and romantic themes are gorgeous!

Be sure to stop by and say hi to Mystic Pieces over on twitter and facebook!

And a Giveaway!

That’s right, one lucky reader will be a seriously lucky winner!  Mystic pieces has graciously selected the Delicate Steampunk Crystal Vintage Necklace for one of Our Designed Life’s readers!

How might you enter to win this lovely little guy?  Well, its quite simple, and there are several ways to get entries!

~Hop on over to Mystic Pieces, find a piece that tickles your fancy.  Come back over here and leave me a comment about it.


~Tweet about it, make sure to include @Ourdesignedlife so I see it.  Be sure to come back to the blog and leave me a comment letting me know about it.


~Blog about it, again leave me a comment here on Our Designed Life!

That’s it.  Three possible entries per person!  Be sure to always leave me a comment, I will be picking a winner Sunday, November 29th at midnight, PST.  Winner will be selected using Random.org, so make sure your comments are all here!  This giveaway is open worldwide, so please tell your friends!

Happy giveaway and a huge thank you to Shelly at Mystic Pieces!

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Its Friday, and well, its been a long week hasn’t it!?  My to-do list is till a mile long, but oh well, its Friday.  I figured a great way to end a week is with some fun, and a little quirky jewelry from Chocolate Steel. I am a huge fan of anything that will bring a smile to my face, and without fail, quirky and irony always win with me, I was all kinds of excited to get this “Stunning Diamond Necklace” from my then fiance a few years ago.  And all the findings over at Chocolate Steel are so fun, they are sure to make anyone smile.  Designed by the lovely Christine Street, each piece is made from reclaimed silver that she molds by hand and creates these little gems. So do stop by her store and pick up a few things, I don’t know if you heard but Christmas is coming.  And stay in the know with Chocolate Steel, the blog, for more info and what Christine is up to.  Absolutely loving the Eames Plywood chair, hint hint hubby!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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Have you looked at the calendar yet today?  Its Friday the 13th, and t.v will soon be airing hour after hour of gory flicks, but do you know how it started?  There are a lot of stories and myths around this “superstition” some more amusing then others, but word has it, the earliest know reference happened in an 1869 biography for Italian composer Gioachino Rossini.  He thought of Friday as an unlucky day (um hello, its the end of the workweek!), and 13 was an unlucky number.  Rossini died on November 13th, a Friday.  These days, we have successfully passed on the whole bad luck folk lore though word of mouth, and I’m going to spread it even further.  Whether you believe or not, arm yourself with a few good luck charms, and if you don’t have any, its an excuse to go shopping!  And in case you need more charms, check out this list of good luck charms from around the world.

Friday the 13th, pixel packing mama's photostream



Lucky Charms hoops, Turquoise blue and gold four leaf clover necklace, Vintage clover ring


Ladybug figurine, Mini ladybug stamp


Wishbone earrings, Wishbone good luck card

Red chinese lanterns, Ripi's photostream


Chinese Red Lanters, Cathie Ten's photostream


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Its Tuesday and you know what that means.  I may get a little too excited over Etsy, but there are just so many ridiculously talented artists and designers out there, I just want to gush about them all.  Ok maybe not all the shops.

First up is Super Duper Things by Louloudo.  Im not going to lie, this shop had me just by its name.  These days I am all about girly, frilly accessories and animals as decor.  Don’t know why but I’m going with it, and its starting to look like I’m not the only one!  Louise has filled her shop with lovely vintage finds as well as some pretty snazzy costume jewelry.  I personally prefer costume to the real stuff, that way its way less heart breaking if something happens to a piece.  I seem to get long necklaces caught on tables as I stand up, every time.  Its a major problem. And do check out Louise’s blog for more fun Etsy finds and fun randomness! 1. Hare Silhouette 2. Diamond in the rough 3. Sailor Jerry anchor button ring 4. Creme Caramel button hairslides 5. Jack Frost recycled pendant 6. Stag Silhouette

Super Duper Things by Louloudo

This next Etsy shop works a little different.  Everything is totally customizable!  If you are planning an event and need a little logo to help with the look, my I suggest you take a look over at Goodpaper.  Designed by Emily Ley, these little beauties are perfect for adding little touches.  Remember, its all in the details!  Below are just some of the designs this lovely lady has done so far, but I am sure if you give her an idea, she will run with it!  Plus, you get the design in 1-2 days… who can beat that!?  While the website is still in the works, do check out her blog for all kinds of paper and printing goodies!  And if your on twitter, Emily also shares some pretty fun links too!


Today’s final Etsy shop is Hypernoodle2, a fun fabric shop.  Looking for that perfect fun fabric to update your place?  Be sure to take a look at the colorful and patterned designs, they are perfect for small projects and are sold by the yard.  And with prices as low as $7.50, why  not grab a few yards for future projects!  Or in my case, a fun addition to my ever growing side projects pile! From left to right: Candy LG Whimzie Doozie, Pink/Coccoa disco dots, Boy Groovy Guitar in blue, Zoology, Ink disco dots, Par Avion Summer, Dandy Damask in cocoa/pink, Feelin Groovy Orchid, and Leaf Gothic Flower.

hypernoodle 2

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Every now and again, I get introduced to new products that are just so pretty I have to share, and today is no different.  Mix in recycled products and I am so there.  So when Ann Ellis contacted me to show me her colorful handmade lovelies, I knew I had to get more info!  Ann was so kind not only to send over photos of her new work, but also was nice enough to participate in Our Designed Life’s first interview.  I know, can you believe it!  You can find all of Ann’s beautiful work here. did I mention she uses recycled materials?!

Ann Ellis Jewelry

How did you get started in jewelry making and how long have you been at it?

I have always made stuff.  I like creating! When I was about 8 years old, our neighbor, who was a shoemaker, gave me a bag of tiny bits of leather leftovers.  I spent the afternoon cutting out shapes and rolling them into wheels and sewing them together ad-hoc into a very fancy bracelet (that bit was hard, leather is pretty tough).  My grown-up sister came home and grabbed it and wore it quite a lot and that felt pretty cool for me, that someone thought an item I had made was nice enough to be seen out in!  When I grew up I became a graphic designer and a teacher and psychologist (they may seem different but honestly, they have a lot in common).  And I carried on making, and now I am able to concentrate on creating, which is just fabulous.

What types of materials are your beads made from?

My jewelry is made form things that have been unwanted or discarded.  They get a new lease of life- I’m a big believer in reinvention!  I love old glass beads and my jewelry often includes them, together with metals, plastics, textiles and anything else that I think will work in a piece.  I also use a lot of plastic bags, bottles, and drink cans.  I like to combine materials that are traditionally regarded  as precious with those that are not, just to challenge a few values.

You use recycled materials, that’s awesome.  How do you go about retaining them and is there anything special you have to do to make the material usable?

Unwanted packaging isn’t hard to generate 🙂  Also lovely people who like my work kindly collect stuff for me.  I love finding treasure to use in my pieces!  First thing to do is make sure its all clean.  Then I sort and store it until inspiration strikes.  Drink cans I flatten and cut and file into shape.  Plastic bags need fusing to give them strength.  Plastic bottles I cut, dye and solder.  I’m experimenting all the time.

What is your inspiration?

One of my absolutely favorite designer-makers is the late Ramona Solberg.  As well as being an inventive and creative designer, she seemed so down to earth and just plain nice.  Theme wise, my work is all about renewal, reinvention and transformation and I am inspired by tales of people dong the best they can with what they’ve got.  I’ve recently been making pieces for a Fairy tale Christmas exhibition I’m part of this winter.  Each Piece is named after a fairy tale charachter who rose like a phoenix from the ashes in some way.

Thank you Ann for sending over your great work and giving us an inside to your design process!

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