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Toys made with love

It feels like every time I log into Facebook these days, another friend is pregnant, had a baby or is celebrating their little ones first, second and third birthdays! So, I thought I would give all the momma’s and poppa’s a cute little idea for their precious ones. I just discovered Little Alouette, a shop filled with all kinds of fun for your little guy or gal.  Each toy is handmade with love and made from Ohio Maple and finished with certified organic flax seed oil, so you can rest a little easier knowing your tot isn’t gnawing on plastic!  Included in the collection are teethers, rattles and block play sets, all giving hours and hours of fun and safe play!  So for all you baby momma’s and poppa’s out there, do check out Little Alouette, they would make for some great holiday gifts too!!

Little Alouette

Little Alouette

Little Alouette


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Its Tuesday and time for some Etsy love!  Each week, I just love diving into all things crafty and this week I have found some great finds!  Lets start things off with the lovelies from Stitchado.  In a time where everything is disposable, its important to do our part to take care of those landfills, and it could start with some of these adorably embroidered hanky’s.  Stitchado not only creates lovely designs on handkerchiefs, she also works on towels, napkins and pillows for your home as well as kids clothing!  How cute would that little Christmas tree look on your little guy or gal this season!?  Have an idea that would be perfectly embroidered? She also does custom work!! 1. Wild Poppy Napkins, 2. The Hook Up Hanky, 3. Wipe those bugs off your nose hanky, 4. Winnie Dog hanky, 5. Funky Birdie short sleeve, 6. Holiday happiness.


It may be dark and gloomy outside, makes it even more important to bring in some bold colors for the fall.  A quick, easy and usually cheap way to add a little wow to a wall or tabletop is by adding some creative artwork to brighten up a day.  While some like to follow seasons with their designs, for fall its mostly rusts, purples, sage, brown and creams, but for me, I like to also add in some bright pops of color.  Gives your eye a little treat!  And with that, please let me introduce you to Magnesina’s shop.  Taken by a very talented Agnieszka from Poland, these photos make me want to grab a cup of tea and daydream.  1. Waterdrop, 2. TTV colorful Heather, 3. Colorful Heather, 4. Prunus Triloba flower, 5. Calm and Relaxing, 6. I love nature.

Magnesina on EtsyOk, I just couldn’t resist.  I just love the humor in some of these wall decals by Popwall.  I wouldn’t recommend putting these up on every wall in every room of your home, but here and there, they are a great way to add a little non permanent design.  Made out of vinyl, these are perfect for indoor and out and come in a huge variety of colors.  See something you like but needs a little tweaking?  Popwall also does custom work!  Just a few I thought were clever… 1. Birch tree with flying bird, 2.  Live with Nature 2, 3. Birds in Garden, 4. Deer, 5. Dog Pissing, 6. Bird on tree branch.

Popwall decals

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How clever

Ok all you DIYers out there.  I stumbled upon such a cute idea to spruce up a ceiling, I just couldn’t hold it in.  Parents to be Lorena and David came up with quite a clever way to add some detail to the ceiling all while keeping it functional too!  When you think of decorating for a baby, it is so easy to fall into the common decor.  I just love to see these two not only took the time and thought about how their son would interact with the room (all newborns can do is look up!) and came up with such a creative way to bring something different in the mix.  Made from some pretty amazing fabrics and hand screen-printed by the proud Poppa.

And who says this can only stick to a nursery?  Throw in some modern colors, fabrics and artwork and you’ve got yourself a pretty impressive ceiling installment.  If only I could drill into my ceiling, darn that ceiling heater!

(via you are my fav)

Nursery hoops

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Hooray, its Tuesday and time for some Etsy Top 3.  Today I wanted to show a range of goodies, and as always, Etsy never lets me down.

Lets start off today with the lovely findings from Sugarloop.  Designed by Bernadette from New Zealand, these small giclees are perfect for adding a touch of color and whimsy to any room.  Most are sized at 8×11 or smaller, so you can create an entire collection.  I would love any of these little guys for my bare white walls, and lets not forget the little ones in our lives, these are perfect for kids rooms! You can also visit Sugarloop’s blog for more cuteness and some pretty cool pictures from around Bernadette’s hometown. 1. Lotus Wing Bird 2. Powder Blue Deer 3. Jungle Boogie Orange 4. Tree Trunk Owl 5. Marimekko Inspired Birds 6. Starburst Tree in Green 7. Chocolate Brown Owl

Etsy top 3 Tuesday, Sugar loop

Looking for objects to make a house a home?  Might I suggest taking a look over at Trampoline, a little shop run by Kim who has an eye for all things vintage and fun.  Over the years I have grown to love little things, you can always find a spot for them and most can be used as conversation starters!  A few from Kim’s shop that caught my eye to spruce up a place. You can also check out Kim’s fun photostream on Flickr for more inspiration (I used a few for last weeks color inspiration!)  1. Para Dos 2.  Number fifteen 3. Carrie it all 4. Stoneware Saucers 5. And away we go

Etsy top 3 Tuesday, Trampoline

Seems I am on a bit of a vintage kick today.  Oh well, I’m going with it.  For my last Etsy find for the day, I stopped off over at Sweet Love Vintage, a shop run by Sarah out of Wisconsin.  Not only does she have an amazing eye for awesome finds, she makes it a family thing… be sure to read her profile, cutest story about gaining a store name!  But back to the finds, if I could stomach digging through garage and estate sales, I would probably end up with a collection like hers!  Still want more vintage?  Be sure to stop by Sarah’s blog for more.  The lovelies: 1.  Vintage Kodak Blue Gray Movie Camera, 2. Orange Printed Glass Milk Bottles 3. Robins Egg Blue Key decoration 4.  Retro Big Eyed Owl 5. Red Metal Magazine Rack

Etsy top 3 Tuesday, Sweet Love Vintage

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Think back to when you were a kid, stacking legos into familiar and some not so familiar shapes with always one thought it mind.  How cool would it be to live in a Lego house!?   James May has quite possibly made every kids dream come true with his Lego house in the UK.  His mission, “to celebrate Britain’s best loved toys and celebrate them on a massive scale”.  Located on a vineyard, this house was constructed at the beginning of August and used about 816 million Lego pieces.  You know, give or take. And even included a working bathroom!  I was always a Lincoln Log girl, but Lego (is there a plural for Lego?  Legos? No, that doesn’t seem right!) was always fun until someone destroyed it.

(via arch dailygeek sugar)

Lego House James May

Lego House James May

Lego House James May

Lego House James May

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It seems like every time I turn around another one of my friends has gone and got preggers.  With all the mass produced baby goodies out there, I thought I would feature some unique baby items that are adorable and a little vintage looking!  I stopped by The Baby Gardner, where its all things baby.  So, for all those Momma’s to be, be sure to stop by and check out all their playful goodies!  A few things that I thought were adorable and could see all of my friends getting all kinds of excited for!

(via old school acres)

Clementine Crocheted Baby Rattle

Clementine rattle

Elephant Personalized Onesie set

Personalized onesie

Baby Bird Nested gift set

Baby bird nested bib

Mommy’s Little Chick-a-dee Ruffled Romper dress

Chick a dee romper

Ollie Octopus Crib Shoes

Octopus crib shoes

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Always a fan of fun and modern wall/vinyl decals (seems like everyone calls them one or another), I am loving the designs over at Tweet Heart.  Last week I attended L.A blog social, and one of their little birds was waiting in all of the goodie bags!  Free and cute, yes!  I took a look today at their shop and there is all kinds of fun stuff for your purchasing pleasure.  Plus, if you stop over at Tweet Hearts blog, you can enter to win one of their retro flower designs!  A few of the decals that I wouldn’t mind finding a place for in my apartment…

I have a thing for birds, and I am loving these Victorian Peacock decals!  A little whimsical and a little girly, just the way I like it!

Tweet Heart decal

This Forest of Love set is perfect for nurseries and kids rooms.  Who said you have to stick with pink and blue anyway?

Picture 2

Every time I see these kinds of dinosaurs, I think of my good friend Jared.  This ones for you buddy!  The Mommy and Me decal is just too cute for words.

Tweet Heart decal

Oh the irony.  Adding the Retro Style Laundry Panels to your laundry room is just too much. Love it!

Tweet Heart decal

The Retro Flowers are perfect for adding a little something to a corner or blank wall, and you can win them here!

Tweet Heart decal

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