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Do you guys ever just come across something and think, absolutely amazing.  It just happened to me via my twitter friends and just had to give you guys the link too.  Have you heard of Pomplamoose?  No, its okay, I just found out about them, but I am already and instant fan.  Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn are some seriously talented musicians who like to make covers.  Really really good covers.  Plus they are from San Francisco, pretty much the only other place I would ever want to call my home.  So sit back, grab a friend or two and press play, its totally worth it.





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So how was everyones weekend?  I spent my days re-arranging the place with the hubby and am so excited about how it turned out.  On Sunday, spent the afternoon cruising down the Abbot Kinney festival where I was all kinds of excited to see Danni from Oh hello friend with all her goodies and made a quick stop over at Urbanic to check out all the fun stuff and say hello to the girls.  So for this week, I thought I would start off with a downloadable playlist for your listening pleasure.  In case you missed the last playlist, look over to the right, you can still find it and download.  This month I sure do have a variety!  A few love songs, hey I just got married.. got to spread the love, a few indy finds and even an old school rap song.  So please, have a listen and enjoy.

Think you have an artist I would totally love?  Let me know, I am always eager to find great new artists with amazing songs to add to my giant collection!

To start things off, how about a little Bon Iver.  I am so jealous I missed the concert at Hollywood Forever this last weekend! Emma by Bon Iver and Sentimental Heart by She & Him.  Oh, I love Zooey!

Bon Iver & She & Him

Moving along to Real Love by Regina Spektor and To Know Him is to Love Him by Amy Winehouse.

Regina Spektor & Amy Winehouse

Followed by a little Mutilated Lips by Ween and bringing back some old school with Rebirth of Slick by Digable Planets.  Oh how they remind me of the 90s!

Ween & Digable Planets

And just because I can’t get enough, Hell No by Regina Spektor and Sugar Daddy by The Hot Toddies… got to love a band from the bay area!

Regina Spektor & The Hot Toddies

Then its off to Cops & Robbers by The Hoosiers and Grow Old With Me by The Postal Service

The Hoosiers & The Postal Service

And moving on to Polynesia by Mother Mother and Sea of Love by Cat Power.  The hubby and I actually used this one as our first song for the wedding, love it!

Mother Mother & Cat Power

And just because I love it, Day N Nite by Kid Cudi and Tout Doucement by Feist

Kid Cudi & Cat Power

And to wrap things up this month, Oh so Quiet by Bjork and Love Song by The Dandy Warhols

Bjork & Dandy Warhols

What gets you in the mood to start a work week?  For me, I simply cannot get going till I have the iTunes blasting and I can usually be found singing along, badly.

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For all you devoted ADL readers… a huge thanks for sticking with me now that Im all kinds of busy!  For your listening enjoyment I have put together a playlist of sorts that is totally downloadable. Every now and then I will be posting my current favorite tunes for you.   What can you find on each list?  A little of everything!  My personal music preference is so all over the board I can’t really classify it, so go on over to What I’m listening to, and play, download and enjoy!  Currently playing…..

Time to Pretend by MGMT and Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg.

MGMT & Landon Pigg

Counting Squares by Casxio and Pregnant by Cold War Kids.

Casxio & Cold War Kids

Spring in your Heart by Panic Ensemble and Dance Dance Dance by Lykke Li.

Panic Ensemble & Lykki Li

Sandy by Caribou and Brace Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants by Wild Beasts.

Caribou & Wild Beasts

Tell Me Now so I Know by Holly Golightly and Alcohol by CSS.

Holly Golightly & CSS

And rounding out this weeks list, Birds Fly Away by Theresa Andersson.

Theresa Andersson

I love listening to music, if you have someone you could recommend, I am always looking to expand my 3,000+ song count on itunes!

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Music to dine to

While listening to my cleaning playlist… I told you I like lists… one of my new favorite songs came on, and now with my newly remodeled front patio, I can’t stop picturing me and the fiance finishing up this summer sitting under the tree, having dinner at a newly purchased outdoor table and listening to great tunes.  I am so looking forward to future dinner parties now that we have our own yard in Venice!  Those are hard to come by in the apartment world.  Anyway, I can’t get enough of Panic Ensemble’s Spring in you Heart from Tel Aviv Israel.  I can’t understand a word they say while talking, but they sing in English and I just can’t get enough and just had to share.  So soothing and unique!  If you are a fan, be sure to check out their myspace page for more songs and videos.

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Meet Sunny War

Last year, the fiance and I with our friend Jared were walking out on the Oceanfront walk in Venice and came across an amazing guitar player.  Since then, literally every time we are out there, we mention how great she was and hope she is still playing.  Much to our surprise, when reading L.A Weekly last week, we came across an article on “Sunny War, a Country Blues Singer who Transcends Time” and couldn’t believe it.  There she was in a photo strumming her beloved guitar.  Reading on, we were so excited to find that she has just signed a publishing and sponsorship deal and plays in a band called the Anus Kings.  Don’t let the name fool you, this girl has heart and soul which just oozes from her playing and singing.  Just goes to show, if you truly have talent, great things can come your way!  To hear more from Sunny War, check out her myspace page filled with info, performance schedules and additional music and you can check out the L.A Weekly article here. And in case that wasn’t enough, she’s only 18!

Sunny War Pic-thumb-300x420

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Serious talent

Last Friday, my fiance and I were trying to catch up on all the podcasts we have been putting off, and came across Theresa Andersson‘s performances on KCRW.  Amazing!  Not only is the music great to listen to, but to actually watch her perform is something not to miss!  Theresa creates music using live looping, a way to create music by recording bits played live and looped together to create background vocals and instruments.  How do you control the sound you might ask?  Theresa stands barefoot on a rug with a series of pedals which she controls with her toes throughout the song (and while balancing instruments) making each sound different.  You can watch the entire set she played on KCRW‘s page (I highly recommend taking a look, it has the best picture quality!)  The podcast was in early May, and this clip is from Theresa’s performance on Craig Ferguson.  Be sure to check out the video, and if you have time tune into the podcast, simply amazing.  Makes me want to go out and learn 5 different instruments!

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New Apple toy


The new iPod shuffle is out, but does it live up to its previous versions?  Perhaps.  First off, its tiny.  Think smaller then a key, its a whopping 1.8″ tall and 0.3″ thin!  It talks to you, still out on if that is actually a “feature” or a nuisance, and no not talking like how is your day, it tells you what you are listening to and what playlist you are on. It only holds 1000 songs (I have almost triple that amount on itunes!) but if you are like most people, 1000 seems like a lot!  But, for $80, this could be a nice addition to a workout or stroll down the beach!

To find out more on Apple’s new iPod shuffle, click here.

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