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I was asked by a good friend recently my thoughts on shelving.  Well, I love it.  Surprise surprise!  Shelving is such an easy way to transform a room on somewhat of a smaller budget.  And for your viewing pleasure, I put together a collection of shelves and small units that caught my eye, all ranging in price and design.  I am a huge fan of displaying a collection of smaller shelves in a clump, and of course, I love adding that pop of color, i.e all the brightly colored examples below.  And don’t be afraid to mix and match.  A modern space may look great with a more traditional version bringing the eye to a more detailed focal point.  Shelving can be your friend, as long as it is kept clean and without clutter!


123, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17


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Hooray, its Tuesday and time for some Etsy Top 3.  Today I wanted to show a range of goodies, and as always, Etsy never lets me down.

Lets start off today with the lovely findings from Sugarloop.  Designed by Bernadette from New Zealand, these small giclees are perfect for adding a touch of color and whimsy to any room.  Most are sized at 8×11 or smaller, so you can create an entire collection.  I would love any of these little guys for my bare white walls, and lets not forget the little ones in our lives, these are perfect for kids rooms! You can also visit Sugarloop’s blog for more cuteness and some pretty cool pictures from around Bernadette’s hometown. 1. Lotus Wing Bird 2. Powder Blue Deer 3. Jungle Boogie Orange 4. Tree Trunk Owl 5. Marimekko Inspired Birds 6. Starburst Tree in Green 7. Chocolate Brown Owl

Etsy top 3 Tuesday, Sugar loop

Looking for objects to make a house a home?  Might I suggest taking a look over at Trampoline, a little shop run by Kim who has an eye for all things vintage and fun.  Over the years I have grown to love little things, you can always find a spot for them and most can be used as conversation starters!  A few from Kim’s shop that caught my eye to spruce up a place. You can also check out Kim’s fun photostream on Flickr for more inspiration (I used a few for last weeks color inspiration!)  1. Para Dos 2.  Number fifteen 3. Carrie it all 4. Stoneware Saucers 5. And away we go

Etsy top 3 Tuesday, Trampoline

Seems I am on a bit of a vintage kick today.  Oh well, I’m going with it.  For my last Etsy find for the day, I stopped off over at Sweet Love Vintage, a shop run by Sarah out of Wisconsin.  Not only does she have an amazing eye for awesome finds, she makes it a family thing… be sure to read her profile, cutest story about gaining a store name!  But back to the finds, if I could stomach digging through garage and estate sales, I would probably end up with a collection like hers!  Still want more vintage?  Be sure to stop by Sarah’s blog for more.  The lovelies: 1.  Vintage Kodak Blue Gray Movie Camera, 2. Orange Printed Glass Milk Bottles 3. Robins Egg Blue Key decoration 4.  Retro Big Eyed Owl 5. Red Metal Magazine Rack

Etsy top 3 Tuesday, Sweet Love Vintage

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Well, I have been trying to wait to take pictures of my new “studio” until the sun is nice and bright, but after two days and a glimpse at the forecast, it may be a while.  As I mentioned, over the weekend, the hubby and I reworked what we had in our place to come up with a more inviting and useable space.  And I simply love it, minus the fact that there has been no sun!  Even though its only a 1 bedroom apartment, I broke up the space into smaller nooks, utilizing the giant living room to its fullest.  Before, my crafting/studio area was pushed in the back up against the darkest wall of the dining room, clearly that didn’t work.  So we moved it right in front of our big (and only) window and moved his “study” into the back corner.  Hooray for light!  I wanted to snap up some pics before I really started using it and well, make a nice big mess.

Our designed life

Our Designed Life's studio

See, the hubby wasn’t left out of the design!  He loves his entertaining area and was actually able to use it yesterday while company was over and I was in the kitchen… a short 10′ away!

Our Designed Life's study

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I know for a lot of you out there, the thought of painting your walls a dark color is horrifying, yet if done right and with hints of color, it will not only give off a classy look, but it will actually look bigger!  I just love black/grey walls, there is just something about the lack of color that makes the walls pop and is just so darn relaxing.  Today, I pulled together inspiring images with rooms that were done right.  Adding white, red or my current fav right now, teal to a dark interior can really bring your eye to exactly what you want ie in photo 3 the stunning red sink! Click each number for links to the large photo! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

(photos via flickr)

Dark interiors

I so rarely see black, yellow and white done in a great way, but Elizabeth from Everything Yellow did an amazing job on her guest room/office.  It looks grown up yet still whimsical and fun and that storage… a-maze-ing!  I can’t get over her attention to detail and love love love her tags!  Made me look at my crafting area and groan.  Be sure to check out Everything Yellow for more photos and all kinds of design goodies!

(photos via everything yellow)

Everything Yellow

Ok, so you love the idea of adding black to your place but the thought of painting makes you cringe.  Why not add black accessories?  These days, keeping it simple with black and white is hardly seen yet so good looking!  Everyone is going crazy with color (me included) but there are so many little beauties out there waiting to transform your space into a ubber chic experience.  A few things that caught my eye around the web: 1. Starburst Wall Clock, 2. Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio by Elista, 3. Ribbon Cup and Saucer set, 4. Black Links Rim Bowl, 5. South Hampton Desk, 6. Black Stitched Suitcase, 7. Sway Can, 8. Damask dinnerware set, 9. Florence pillows.

Black Accessories

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Its Friday, and boy am I ready for the weekend!  I thought I would take a quick look over at Velocity and CB2 to see what is new in stock, and found a large amount of glass objects for your home.  There is something about these clear little pieces that make me want them all!  

When I was little, my Mom kept a huge porcelain piggy bank in her closet and every time my brother and I saved up some coins and the hard to come by “paper money” as we liked to call it, we dropped it in the bank.  I am loving the Glass Piggy Bank by Roost, made from borosilicate glass, these could be the perfect solution for a more modern kids room, or you know, in my bookcase!  Lately, I have been seeing more and more terrariums becoming popular, no doubt due to its insane cuteness and who doesn’t love a living plant in their room?  These Recycled Glass Bubble Terrariums are hand crafted without a mold so no two look exactly alike.  The organic shapes are perfect as a small centerpiece for a tabletop or shelf.

Picture 9

These Palette Bowls are perfect for summer entertaining!  I am loving the pop of orange and yellow… I can just picture a pile of green apples sitting in these.  My motto, you can never have too many vases, and these Noir Vases are nice enough to look at even without flowers!  They may not be made from glass, but I couldn’t help myself!  Made from matte black iron and polished nickel on the inside, these will sure turn some heads.  Last but not least, these Glass Canisters are perfect for keeping your bathroom and small objects nice and tidy!  If only I had seen these when I was in need of some jars!

Picture 11

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Spicing it up

I have been on the lookout for a more modern spice rack that would work with different styles of home decor, and the Mago 5 magnetic spice rack is getting close.  The idea, free up counter space and keep those spices nice and organized.  The downside, they only come in a set of 5 and are made out of plastic, which will hold in super strong smells.  Overall, a good idea, although until I can get 20 of these bad boys, I am sticking to my metal mesh basket that I like to tuck away into cabinets.  To read a great review and see additional product images in use, be sure to stop by here.

(via yanko design)

Picture 15

If you don’t use spices often, but still like to have some design in your kitchen, try out the Masala Dabba spice box.  Or circle.  Made from stainless steel and with a clear acrylic lid, this little tin is perfect for drawers and shallow cabinets, measuring in at 8″ in diameter.  

Picture 16

And of course, for all those out there who can’t cook (or refuse to try) these are perfect storage for anything small enough to fit!

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Its time for more “I wish I could have that!”, and today, I stopped by the Curiosity Shoppe to see what was new, on sale, and just good to look at.  First up, Carve Your Own Postcard and the Stitchable Stationery kit.  As you know, I am always a fan of getting fun things in the mail and receiving one of these would sure make me smile, so why not everyone else.  The postcard is completely mailable and all you need to carve is a key or nail.  Back in May, I stumbled upon Twig & Thistle’s post of hand sewn love notes and thought, genius!  And now there is even a kit to get you started.  With 6 different designs and all the fixings you need, its a great way to get the hang of the process before moving on the those adorable notes.

Picture 13

So I’ve got my crafting itch covered, on to cute little office gadgets.  I am loving this vintage Telephone from England.  There is just something about a phone with no glowing surfaces, only 1 ring tone and a long cord that make me happy.  When I was younger, my Grandparents had a black rotary phone, and I would play with that thing for hours.  Not everything has to be the “it” gadget of the month.  And the same goes for this adorable Wooden Radio.  This little guy is so tiny, measuring in at 7.5″x7.5″x4″ but it apparently packs a big punch.  Not only does it pick up am and fm stations, but you can also plug in your iPod and rock out in your cubicle or on the go since its battery operated.

Picture 2

Speaking of cubicle, this little Owl Letter Holder is the perfect little accessory to keep you organized and looking good.  Don’t have stacks of paper to organize?  These little guys are completely separated like bookends and are heavy enough to support a few small books too.  Owls not your choice of bird?  How about the cute Bamboo Bird Mobile? No longer are mobiles just for nurseries, these modern laser cut birds are perfect in any adult room.

Picture 2

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