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Color generators

I will admit, I have a bit of an obsession for color, and I just came across the Color Palette Generator and Color Hunter, tools that could really be helpful and are just fun to play with.  Just think, your walking around town and you see something that catches your eye and you wish you could imitate that in your home.  Just snap a picture of it and upload it to a hosting site (I used flickr) and copy and paste the url.  Its rather simple and can really come in handy.  Just for fun, I wanted to try both with the same picture to see if I would get the same results.

(via creature comforts)

One of my favorite pictures from my childhood home.  The tree was planted when my parents moved in 24 years ago and after a visit last Christmas, it is now taller then their two story home.


Color Palette Generator results:

Picture 7

Color Hunter results:

Picture 5

I must say, I was surprised it didn’t pick up any of the green, as that is my favorite part, but overall, a pretty good match.


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Over the weekend, while out on a bike ride, my Fiance spotted a discarded headboard, creating an instant DIY project for our Saturday.  We have been looking for a narrow table for some time now, and thought with a little elbow grease, why not try?  Besides, everything we saw was at least $150+.  After a day of cleaning, sanding and painting, it was well worth it.


We started off with a headboard covered in who knows what!  The top had been scratched and had several places with graffiti.  Along with several creepy crawlers, stains and smells that were not identifiable, we gave it a go with some heavy duty cleaners.  And bug spray!


On to sanding.  We were able to get most of the veneer off, taking it down to its bare wood.

dscn0964Second coat of black high gloss paint, to match the rest of our furniture.

dscn1048Its final resting place behind our love seat and under our kitchen counter. I arranged books by color (the main bookcase in our place is also color coordinated) and added some martini glasses.  

dscn10351He’s a fan!

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For those of you that must be in the know and up to date with their trends, Pantone is not one to deny you a trend with their color of the year.  And the winner is: Mimosa!  “Mimosa, a warm, engaging yellow…. in a time of economic uncertainty and political change, optimism is paramount and no other color expresses hope and reassurance more then yellow”.  Maybe thats why all those happy faces don this fun and festive color!

To read more on Pantone’s Mimosa and why its the best color, click here.

Along with the color of the year, Pantone has also come out with a Colour Planner for Summer 09 which shows palettes for women’s and men’s wear, active wear, cosmetics, interiors, industrial design and graphics. 

To read more on their Summer Colour Planner, click here.

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Painting steel


This weekend, I came across this great find, stainless steel paint!  For those looking to update their kitchen, or small objects around the home, this liquid stainless steel paint could be a quick fix.  The paint is made from 100% stainless steel in an automotive grade clear resin, and can stand temperatures up to 300 degrees.  This product can be painted onto almost any surface, provided you prime the area first, however it does show minimal texture of the existing surface.  The bonuses?  This paint is magnetic and does not show fingerprints, unlike regular stainless steel appliances.

To read more on Thomas’ Liquid Stainless Steel paint, click here.

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Rethinking paint

spdryerabxlFor all those out there with home offices, kids or are just kids at heart, this paint could be an answer to organization and creativity.  RustOleum has created a paint to create your own dry erase board on most indoor surfaces.   The paint, which when dry, hardens creating a writable surface, using of course dry erase markers.  

To read more on Dry Erase Paint, click here.

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Going bold


If you have a steady hand, and are ready to make a statement, then why not try this bold design for your blank wall.  Next time you are ready for a change in your room, instead of just painting the wall a color, why not try a hand-painted graphic piece.  Don’t want something so bold, try a play on paint finishes (matte, satin, high gloss etc.) in the same color, it adds a great way to express yourself without the dizziness!

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Tip of the Week


With the weather getting (a little) cooler, many of us are staying indoors.  A lot of folks tend to get a little stir crazy during these next few months, so why not change up your insides (of your home that is). There are many things that we can do to change our mindset when it comes to our homes.  Why not try a new wall color?  Changing the color of your room can really effect the way you move, think and feel.  Can’t change the paint, try hanging new art, or re-arranging your existing collection.  For those who have been bitten by the artistic bug, why not paint or draw an original piece that would fit in perfect with your design.

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