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For most of us, our four legged friends are more then just friends, they are family.  Many times, they grow to a ripe old age, and you have had time to grow with them for years and share the love.  But for some, their pets are taken too quickly.  For those out there that have had a pet with diseases, you understand, it is hard to come up with the funds to keep them on medicine or pay for surgery, and Praxis, a dog diagnosed with lymphoma needs our help.  His owners have collaborated with several artists and have several pieces to bid on at ebay. This is a great way to introduce new art in your home that is truly inspirational.  Each piece purchased gives 10% to the Magic Bullet Fund. There are only 2 days left so check it out!!!

To read more and see how you can help, click here.


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Soggy Doggy


We are all guilty of it.  We give our dogs a bath and are left with two choices, let them shake dry and send them outside or dry them with our “nice” towels and know we will never really get that wet dog smell out. Plus, half the time they never really dry anyway!  The soggy dog drying towel is the perfect solution.  The design of the towel puts you in the perfect position to grab your four legged friend as they are making a run for the door out of the tub.   It has 4 “pockets” that you slip your hands in (two for the first round of drying, two for the second!) and is shaped to follow the shape of your pet, making it easier to hold on and dry fast.  Plus, it can be flipped inside out for even more drying, and comes in two sizes.

To find out more on the Soggy Doggy Drying Towel, click here.

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In the San Francisco area, or know someone that is?  Design Public  is having a huge outlet sale, but items are for pick up only in their San Fran warehouse.  The sale is worth taking a look at, and with 60-80% off items why not!  Not in that area?  They are also offering free shipping on their regular items (their website also has sale items for shipping) so be sure to check it out.

To find out more on their warehouse sale, click here.

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Man’s best clock

hotdogwebIf you are looking for a clock with some personality, here it is.  This lovely little Dashound, made of orange acrylic, will keep you on time and serve as a piece of art for you walls.  Most clocks are now so overly designed its almost impossible to read them, but the simplicity in this could never be better.  And at 16″x9″ it will surely stand out!

To find out more on the Happy Hot Dog Clock, click here.

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Caught red handed


Many of us out there assume that when we leave our four legged friends at home all day they just hang out and lounge.  But what do they really do when we are not around?  Now, you can see everything without being home, and did I mention that its at a dogs view.  How cool is that.  I have recently started taking photos of my dog, Sidni,  at her eye level, and you would be surprised what mans best friend really sees.  This small camera (which is connected to any collar, as long as it is 3/8″ wide), and can be programed to take a photo every 1,5, or 15 minutes and can be plugged directly into your computer!  And who knows, some of the shots could be frame worthy!

To find out more about the Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera and see an action shot, click here.

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Guests will talk about your home for hours with one of these guys.  And you don’t even need to open your front door! The Front Door Pooch will surely make a lasting impression as they lift their legs to say hello.  Made of powder coated steel, these door knockers will crack you up every time you come home, its okay, we all know you are going to knock to let yourself in with these guys!

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Modern Dogs

With holiday’s coming up, you may want to take a second look at your pooches palace. Instead of a trip to the pet store down the street for another (and slightly less smelly) puff of fabric to lay on the floor, why not try Den Haus for your four legged friend. With a tag line “Home for Pets. Designs for People” what better way to bring “Buddy’s” needs and your want for something a bit more modern together.

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