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Time for some Tumblr Thursday inspiration don’t you think?  Perhaps its the lack of sunshine here in my little corner of the globe, but bright pops of color seem to be the running theme this week… although isn’t it pretty much there every week!?  Anyway, the work week is almost over and I don’t know about you, but I just want to escape into some of these shots.  That little orange chair there, me want.

All photos from Tumblr, please click each photo for the link and credit.

Who said shoes have to be put away in a dark and gloomy closet!  Loving these little guys on a little shelf, besides for as much we us gals pay for footwear, we better treat them like art!

Happy Thursday!


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Have you heard?

If you follow me on Twitter or are a fan on Facebook, you are very aware of my newest little project.  And if you don’t, well, come on, what are you waiting for.  Just kidding, sort of.  Anyway, I wanted to share with you all that I started Project 365, a photo a day project that will take me through the year.  To date I have 16 shots (I started a little late and didn’t make it for a Jan. 1st start), some of them I love, some I shot just to shoot.  Sometimes it happens, what can I say.  Just scroll up to the top and click the tab “Photo of the Day” to see what I am up to.

And if you are interested in starting your own Project 365 I highly recommend it as well as joining in on the fun over at Project 365’s Flickr group with over 16,000 folks all showing their best of the day.

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Ah yes, its Thursday.  Here is to an inspiring and productive day!

Please click each photo for the link and credit.

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Its Tuesday and you know what that means, my top 3 etsy shops for the week!

First up is the beautiful photography from Irene Suchocki, an amazingly talented photographer.  Irene plays with a variety of techniques to create these amazing shots, and her attention to detail is just lovely.  Subdued colors mixed with bright pops of contrasting hues make me swoon over every piece, that little Twitter piece is just darling!  And now until January 15th, Irene is offering a 25% off on selected prints!!  Not looking for art for the walls?  She also has charming Valentines Day cards available, its never too early to start collecting goodies for your loved one!

Twitter:::Penny Farthing

Paris Calling:::Letting Go of Time

Love is in the Air:::Sentimental Journey

Valentine Card:::All is Love

Nest up are the adorable creations from Lila Frances out of Tennessee.  I don’t know of any other way to discribe these little guys other then adorable.  Clearly made with love, this little shop provides customizable wire hangers (even as I type that I think of Mommy Dearest and her no wire hanger talk!) that are perfect for a little gift or make for a great dress photo on your wedding day.  And that heart, Valentines day, that’s all I’m saying.  There is currently a waiting list for these lovelies, so be sure to stop by and order yours today!

Rounding out this week is the beautiful views from GBrosseau Photo.  Not only is this shop filled with sweet and charming shots, most are of subjects we take for granted like motels, lakes and old architecture.  Sure we see it everyday, but do you really look at it?  I think I love it all!  And did I mention the shop is offering free shipping!  Do check out the artists Flickr photostream, absolutely gorgeous.


This Old House:::Lighthouse


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I just love that everyone is getting on the 365 bandwagon.  Last week I started my very own photo a day page here, and today I came across the lovely findings from artist Lisa Congdon out of San Francisco.  Since she was a wee one, Lisa has been collecting objects and nicknacks for her own viewing pleasure and as of January 1st, she has started documenting all that she has.  And boy does she have a lot.  Each day Lisa will be photographing, drawing or even painting collections she finds in her home or dreams about owning.  But how will she fill 365 days?  Just check out her home, she has some pretty serious collections and an amazing eye for color.  Keep up to date with Lisa on her blog, A Collection a Day, 2010.  To see even more amazing collections from around her home, stop by her home tour here.

Photo’s via a collection a day, 2010 and apartment therapy.

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Do you ever have days where you can see inspiration in anything?  I suppose it was the color and dreamy-ness from these photos that have captured my heart.  What inspires you?  Happy Tumblr Thursday.

Please click each photo for the link and larger image.

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Its Tuesday and Etsy Top 3 is back!  Took a short break from Etsy since most of the fun shops were closed, but everything is open and ready to sell!

First up today is the Happy Papers shop run by Natalia and Ana from Argentina.  They have created an adorable one stop print shop for your downloading fun.  Everything comes in a PDF form and you can print till your little heart can’t take anymore!  And with a large variety of designs, there is something for everyone!  From calendars and invitations to gift tags, stationary sets and even a to do list, Happy Papers is one fun shop.  And do stop by their sister store, Maria Lunate, where you can find even more adorable downloadable’s.

1, 2

3, 4

5, 6, 7

Next up is the handy work from husband and wife team David and Meegan Cuzick over at Circles and Squares.  Clothing made from organic cotton for women, men and children, these shirts and sweaters are perfect for a day out and about.  Each item is hand silk screened with love and ready to ship!  And from now until February 1st, everything in the store will be marked 20% off!

1, 2, 3

4, 5, 6, 7

And last up for today is the lovely work from Melissa Beach Photography.  If you have any blank walls, or are in need of some lovely imagery for the new year, you must check out Melissa’s shop.  With inspiration from nature, her shots are stunning and vibrant, why not add a couple to your art collection?  And, if you are as into photography as I am, check out her blog for some amazing natural inspiration.  I am just loving that little yellow flower!

1, 2, 3

4, 5, 6, 7

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