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Ok, so the holidays are coming up, and the economy is starting to pick up again, but lets face it, not fast enough.  So, for today, I present to you a collection of items that can spruce up your place or make for some great gifts, all on sale.  That’s right, every single item below is on sale!  Granted some sales are better then others, but a sale is a sale! So please peruse the goods and save some money!  Click each number under the images to get to the sales.

Sale bathroom

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Sale tabletop

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Bedroom sale

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

sale living room1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


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Its Monday, and boy am I having a heard time getting going!  I’ll just blame it on the lack of sunshine and the drilling and sawing in my front porch that has been going on for weeks.  Although I am super excited to finally have a fenced in front porch!  Anyway, back to the blog.  I took a virtual spin over at West Elm, and if you haven’t checked out their site lately, do stop by.  They are having tons of summer sales and are introducing many new products.  A few from their site that not only caught my eye but are pretty nice to the wallet as well.

First up are these cute little animal figurines.  Perhaps its my lack of pet these days, but I am loving little additions like these for shelves and little nooks.  The Sheesham Birds are made from well, sheesham and come in two sizes, perfect for little additions in any room.  The Narrative Animals are a little more animal like in shape but have a touch of irony.  White figures with funny decals really make the look, available are a rabbit and top hat, a squirrel and nut and a tortoise with a hare.

Picture 4

Moving over to all things glass, I am loving these Gourd Table Lamps and Hurricane Lanterns.  Perfect for tabletops, these will be sure to add some shine and light to any room.  The gourd lamps come in either a clear of charcoal tint and come with a natural linen shade.  The hurricane lanterns are a perfect accessory for an outdoor table or casual dinners inside.  Made from glass and iron, these are a delicate yet sturdy addition.

Picture 7

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to make a big impact on a small budget for bedrooms.  I am a fond believer that a headboard can make or break a room, and I am loving these two for modern rooms.  On the left, a Metal-Inlay headboard and the right is the Random Cutout headboard.  Each would give your room a new focal point and a place to rest all those pillows against!

Picture 10

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I must be in the mood for a shopping spree, I stopped on over at Urban Outfitters to see what’s new, and if you haven’t been to the site lately, you need to seriously consider it!  There are tons of great odds and ends and some fun and colorful bedding new in stock.  A few things that I would grab up in a heart beat…

First up is the brightly colored 30″ Circle Bird Rug.  The size is just right to add a little color without going over the top, and it fits a nice budget at only $18! The Fiance and I have been in search of decanters that blend that traditional look with a twist of modern and this Glass Decanter is exactly what I have been picturing.  Now that summer is here and the weather is slowly getting warmer, this Industrial Fan is just too cute, and perfect for a tabletop at only 10″ tall. 

Picture 3

Now, I don’t have an iPhone, but if I did, I might consider theses Artist Series iPhone Skins. The skins fit a 3G phone and come in several different designs, each done by a different artist. Adds a little something to that thing we all carry around with us everyday.

Picture 8Picture 9

And now onto tabletop accessories!  I am loving all of the bold graphic plates and bowls, particularly the Graphic Plate Series 8, the Graphic Bowls Series 7 (someone needs to work on some names!) and I those Boulder Mugs make me want to curl up with a good book.

Picture 5

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Never one to pass up a good sale, Urban Outfitters is having a giant summer sale, and there are several things in their apartment section worth taking a look at.  Included in the sale: bedding, furniture, tabletop fun, rugs, draperies, pillows, book and tons more. A few of my favs from the site…

To check out the sale for yourself, click here.

Picture 6

Picture 12

Picture 13

Picture 7

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Moss toes


This moss rug is an interesting concept.  Currently only in the preliminary stages of deign (not sold yet) this mat could be a fun way to add to any room.  Not sure if I would want this to be the first thing I step on after getting clean though.  Perhaps under my tootsies while I am washing dishes.  Great idea, thoughts?

(via yanko design)


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There is just something super simplistic about this pendant that I just love.  Made from glass and metal, this look would work great over any table!  Size: 11″ diameter.

To order the Globe Pendant,  click here.


Moroccan inspired side table with hand applied decals make for a little fun in the room.  Made from fired porcelain and measures 12″ square x 17″ H… perfect next to a sofa or bed.   Plus, its on sale!

To order the decal square drum table, click here.


And last but not least, these fun tree trunk boxes are a fun way to get organized without looking like you have a bunch of boxes everywhere.  There are two sizes available, small: 5″ diameter x 3″H;  medium: 9″ diameter x 3″H.

To order the Wooden Trunk Boxes, click here.

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Design Within Reach is having a major sale, so why not get in on that action!  Above, the Marais AC chair, originally designed in 1934, this little chair has had some history.  With the possibility of being used on a battleship in its original days, and used as a bargaining tool in breweries, this chair comes with its own backstory!  Made in France and cut from sheet steel, the Marais chair comes in three different colors and is able to stack 8 high.  The colors and rights to the Marais AC chair are exclusive to DWR.

To read more and search DWR sale section, click here.

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