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Ok, so the holidays are coming up, and the economy is starting to pick up again, but lets face it, not fast enough.  So, for today, I present to you a collection of items that can spruce up your place or make for some great gifts, all on sale.  That’s right, every single item below is on sale!  Granted some sales are better then others, but a sale is a sale! So please peruse the goods and save some money!  Click each number under the images to get to the sales.

Sale bathroom

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Sale tabletop

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Bedroom sale

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

sale living room1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


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Now that its getting hotter and hotter by the day, its time to bring out the dresses, skirts and tanks, unless you are like me and have nothing that fits you… lost so much weight from last summer, everything is like a tent!  And with that said, I am so excited to have come across She-Bible, a clothing company run by best friends Deirdre O’Boyle and Stacy Rodgers out of San Francisco.  I am loving that almost everything they sell is made from cotton, I just want to climb into one of those dresses now!  And be sure to check out their sale section for some amazing deals and their blog for a few added discounts!  And for all those travelers this summer, cotton is great for stuffing into a suitcase or throwing on for barbecues, pool parties and casual evenings. 

(via indie fixx)

From left to right: The Donna Tank, Pop Doyle Dress, and the Evelyn Dress

Picture 8

The Edith Wrap Dress, Paisley Jumper, and the Parkside Jacket.  And when I say sale, I mean sale!  That paisley jumper is going for a big $15 and comes in a few colors!!  And that jacket, yes please.

Picture 9

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Today I thought I would start of with sales around the web, and found some interesting items over at Chiasso. It may look like more like a u.f.o, but this uber modern mist humidifier will most likely blend into your home decor more so then those lovely gray plastic boxes we see at retail stores.  Don’t let the photo fool you, it is only 14″Dia x10″ H so it will still fit on most nightstands and end tables, making it perfect for when you are sick in bed.  If this is right up your alley, you better act fast, there is only one left in stock, and its on sale.

Picture 6

As usual, quirky designs always catch my attention, and these pendants sure are eye catching.  On the left, the Glam Pendant mixes glass with crystal to create a look reminiscent of the chandeliers that were in entry halls years ago, but with a small modern twist. Similar to the glam pendant, the Mod Chandelier also takes an older idea and has mixed it with modern touches transforming it into a fixture that will look good in many settings. Adding a lamp shade to hand-strung crystals created a look I am just loving!

Picture 12

Even though the sale price is still up there, the Lola Double Chaise just looks so darn comfortable.  So rarely do you see a chaise for two, looking at this just makes me want to grab a blanket, my fiance and a good movie.  Looks like I am not the only one drooling over a double chaise, there is only one left in stock.

Picture 9

It may not be on sale, but the Meadow Sculpture is just too cute not to mention.  Instead of flowers for your next party, the bright yellow will bring a great splash of color to any tabletop… and there is no messy clean up to deal with since they will never wilt!

Picture 10

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Like always, I was on the hunt for some great sales and found a pretty good one at Hygge & West.  Included in the sale are tees, jewelry, home accessories, totes, baby items, specialty cards and an assortment of miscellaneous items.  I would highly recommend taking a quick look to see if you can spend some and save some.  A few that stood out…

Lace Earrings:
Picture 1

Giraffe Large Tote and the Sawasawa Large Tote:

Picture 4

The School Bus Bottle and the Scrawl Bottle

Picture 9

The Winged Message Note Card Set and the Camping Note Card Set

Picture 11

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