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The lucky winner of the CardsInk giveaway is Megan F.  She will receive 10 cards of her choice from CardsInk.  Megan, check your email, and congratulations.  And a thank you everyone who played!


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Happy Monday and Martin Luther King Jr day to everyone.  Hope most of you have the day off, and if not, hope today is at least quite and productive!  Boy do I have a treat for you today, anyone up for a little giveaway??  That’s right, CardsInk, a sweet little card shop filled with designs submitted by readers just like you, have come up with a pretty swell little giveaway for all the Our Designed Life readers.  Yay!  CardsInk will generously gift 10 cards to one lucky reader (and you get to pick which 10!), to enter it couldn’t be simpler.  Scroll down for the details.

To enter the CardsInk giveaway, there are several ways you have a chance to win.

*Hop on over to CardsInk and check out their SHOP FOR CARDS section.  Come back here and let me know what design(s) you would pick should you be the lucky one. 1 entry

*Check out the VOTE FOR CARDS section and vote.  Come back here and tell me what you voted on.  1 entry

*Tweet it out to the masses.  Be sure to include @Ourdesignedlife so I can see it, and come back here and leave a separate comment. 1 entry

*Become a fan of Our Designed Life on Facebook. Come back here and leave a comment letting me know.  Already a fan?  Just let me know in the comment, that totally counts! 1 entry

The winner will be chosen using Random.org, you must come back to Our Designed Life and leave separate comments to be eligible.  Contest will close Sunday, January 24th at 8 pm, Pacific Standard Time.  There are 4 possible entries per person.  Contest is open to US residents only.

And a HUGE thank you to CardsInk!

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Just stopping by quickly before the weekend starts to wish all those celebrating Hanukkah, well a Happy Hanukkah!  May your nights be filled with family and warmth!  Below, the Happy Hanukkah card available through Paper Pastries, a fun paper shop filled tons of products to keep you in touch with your long lost pen pals!  Oh the days before email….

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Its Tuesday and have I got some fun Etsy finds for you.  Now that most people are on some type of budget for the holiday season, why not do some early shopping with all the talented folks on Etsy.  Today I am showcasing finds that would make for some great gifts, or you know awesome additions for yourself too!

First up are the lovely finds over at CC Star.  If you have a love for fun, bright vintage fabrics, then  you will love Celeste’s shop!  Lately I have had a fascination with little buttons and have started collecting them for a larger project, and some of these are just way to perfect to pass up!  CC Star is filled with coin purses, cuffs, buttons and small pouches all made with found vintage fabrics and ties!  How cool is that!  And if you are in Northern California and are just loving all the crafty goodness, be sure to stop by all the craft fairs CC Star is participating in, I sure wish I could! And if you are on facebook, you can even be CC Stars fan too! Just a few things that I am crushing on, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Next up are the fun finds from The Crafty Pantry.  Using drawings, paintings, photography and digital drawings, this talented lady has a fun and colorful collection of totes, cards, gift tags, lunch bags and even wine bottle bags.  I am just loving all the bold colors, and want all the totes!  How perfect is that Cheers bag for wine gift giving… it will look so much better then sticking your bottle in one of those holographic bags.  And those produce bags, I think I need an entire case of those for this veggie eatin’ household! And be sure to check out the blog for shop updates and all around craft fun. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

The 3rd shop for the day, Rohmer,  is filled with all kinds of fun pencil cases made from colorful and whimsical prints.  Like me and a little old for pencil cases? Why not store your makeup or small items…. we all have something that can use a bag!  They could even double for a casual clutch too!  Your little ones will love them, the older ones will always find a use.  For an inside on how designer Eileen creates these little guys, check out her featured seller interview for Etsy.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

And on a side note I somehow managed to find two stores today that are both located in the Oakland area… a short driving distance from my hometown!!

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Have you looked at the calendar yet today?  Its Friday the 13th, and t.v will soon be airing hour after hour of gory flicks, but do you know how it started?  There are a lot of stories and myths around this “superstition” some more amusing then others, but word has it, the earliest know reference happened in an 1869 biography for Italian composer Gioachino Rossini.  He thought of Friday as an unlucky day (um hello, its the end of the workweek!), and 13 was an unlucky number.  Rossini died on November 13th, a Friday.  These days, we have successfully passed on the whole bad luck folk lore though word of mouth, and I’m going to spread it even further.  Whether you believe or not, arm yourself with a few good luck charms, and if you don’t have any, its an excuse to go shopping!  And in case you need more charms, check out this list of good luck charms from around the world.

Friday the 13th, pixel packing mama's photostream



Lucky Charms hoops, Turquoise blue and gold four leaf clover necklace, Vintage clover ring


Ladybug figurine, Mini ladybug stamp


Wishbone earrings, Wishbone good luck card

Red chinese lanterns, Ripi's photostream


Chinese Red Lanters, Cathie Ten's photostream


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Its Tuesday and you know what that means… my top 3 Etsy store picks for the week.  Each week its different, depending on what I can find that will help you out with small details for around your home, office, outfit or even crafting project.  Have an Etsy store that is filled to the brim with designed goodies?  Send me your link so I can take a look at all my crafty readers!

The first shop for today is filled will all kinds of crafting goodies.  Now that the holidays are coming, and most people are starting handmade gifts (if you aren’t into making things yourself, buy handmade, its good karma!) and Nothing Elegant has some great little additions to make your projects even better.  From tapes to stamps to envelopes and even fabric, there is something for everyone.  Everything is from Korea and is worth a browse through all the interesting and new designs! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Also check out Hye Kyung’s blog, for fashion finds throughout Korea.

Nothing Elegant on Etsy

Next up are the works of Michelle Brusegaard from North Dakota, and boy is this lady talented!  Just a look at all she does is enough to make me tired, a painter, fiber artist, card maker, screen printer and photographer just to name a few of her many talents.  And over in her shop, design is everywhere.  With so many talents, its no wonder there are so many items for sale, just a few that I was loving… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 And be sure to stop by her blog and say hi, or join her mailing list for discounts!!

Michelle Brusegaard on Etsy

And last up for this week is the findings from Vintage Chevelle.  Aside from an awesome name, this shop has some lovely finds that would be perfect for a little change around your place.  Keeping accessories dust and clutter free are a must, but collections are always fun to have around.  Sitting on my bookcase I currently have a wedding photo, our guest book, a framed music page with a song written by my father in law to my husband when he was little, a painting and two Simpson bobble heads (can you tell which was the addition from the hubby?!).  As long as it makes sense to your personality, the collection doesn’t matter!  And Vintage Chevelle has all kinds of little trinkets to make a house a home. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Vintage Chevelle on Etsy

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Its Tuesday and you know what that means.  I may get a little too excited over Etsy, but there are just so many ridiculously talented artists and designers out there, I just want to gush about them all.  Ok maybe not all the shops.

First up is Super Duper Things by Louloudo.  Im not going to lie, this shop had me just by its name.  These days I am all about girly, frilly accessories and animals as decor.  Don’t know why but I’m going with it, and its starting to look like I’m not the only one!  Louise has filled her shop with lovely vintage finds as well as some pretty snazzy costume jewelry.  I personally prefer costume to the real stuff, that way its way less heart breaking if something happens to a piece.  I seem to get long necklaces caught on tables as I stand up, every time.  Its a major problem. And do check out Louise’s blog for more fun Etsy finds and fun randomness! 1. Hare Silhouette 2. Diamond in the rough 3. Sailor Jerry anchor button ring 4. Creme Caramel button hairslides 5. Jack Frost recycled pendant 6. Stag Silhouette

Super Duper Things by Louloudo

This next Etsy shop works a little different.  Everything is totally customizable!  If you are planning an event and need a little logo to help with the look, my I suggest you take a look over at Goodpaper.  Designed by Emily Ley, these little beauties are perfect for adding little touches.  Remember, its all in the details!  Below are just some of the designs this lovely lady has done so far, but I am sure if you give her an idea, she will run with it!  Plus, you get the design in 1-2 days… who can beat that!?  While the website is still in the works, do check out her blog for all kinds of paper and printing goodies!  And if your on twitter, Emily also shares some pretty fun links too!


Today’s final Etsy shop is Hypernoodle2, a fun fabric shop.  Looking for that perfect fun fabric to update your place?  Be sure to take a look at the colorful and patterned designs, they are perfect for small projects and are sold by the yard.  And with prices as low as $7.50, why  not grab a few yards for future projects!  Or in my case, a fun addition to my ever growing side projects pile! From left to right: Candy LG Whimzie Doozie, Pink/Coccoa disco dots, Boy Groovy Guitar in blue, Zoology, Ink disco dots, Par Avion Summer, Dandy Damask in cocoa/pink, Feelin Groovy Orchid, and Leaf Gothic Flower.

hypernoodle 2

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