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Its Tuesday and you know what that means.  My top etsy picks for the week.  A little home decor, a few ceramics and some wall vinyl.  Its a good Tuesday.

I can’t express how much I love mixing traditional and modern designs, and these ceramics from Nina in Vorm are impressive.  Nina has a great eye for details in her custom screen printed ceramics and vintage “redecorated” ceramics.  What a great way to enhance all those old dishes!  Each of her pieces is very handmade, using a combination of slipcasting and hand shaping.  The result, one of a kind pieces that are just so much fun to look at.  I think each time I look, I find something new in her designs!  If you are loving her work as much as I do, you must check out her blog.  Hello color.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Ninainvorm on etsy

Next up are the findings from Sky Parlor.  If you have a love for vintage and quirky little additions for your home, then you must stop by and take a look around.  All of their items have a slightly worn feeling, in a good way.  Little accessories are a good way to create small vignettes in your home.   Its a great way to show off a collection or showcase your favorite pieces, and because it is small, you can often change it out without spending a dime!   A few of Sky Parlors items that I wouldn’t mind finding a place for in my house… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Sky parlor on etsy

And last but not least today, how about some wall graphics?  Designer Michelle Christina has some pretty fun wall vinyl and stickers that can really make an impact on any average wall, glass or even toilet.  Just check out her blog for some ideas.  I just love the fun factor of her designs, who said that wall graphics have to be formal and always grown up anyway.  And those stickers for glassware are a perfect way to add a little pizazz to your ordinary cups.  I think those pink jellies are my favorite, I could see them adding some fun to any bathroom! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Michelle Christina on etsy


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You may wonder, what would you do with a bunch of vintage keys.  Taking everyday items and creating your own art piece on an empty wall will bring warmth to any home.  An idea, hang keys (or other objects) with either ribbon or string in an interesting and unusual way on those plain walls.  Get creative!  And, because it is easily movable, change it up often.

Found these keys over at Rare Device.

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With your sheets that is! Changing your bedding will make your room seem like it has transformed, without spending hundreds of dollars!  Shown above, the Kensington duvet with matching sheets from Jonathan Adler.  Graphic prints work well with more muted walls, so if you already have a crazy situation going (on your walls that is), keep it simple at the bed with solids instead.

To order the Kensington set, click here.

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Looking to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom backsplash, but don’t have a matching budget?  Try wallpaper. Adding color, texture and patterns to an area you look at everyday can really change things, including your mood!  To create a wallpaper backsplash, first, find the print that best suites you.  I found some really great vintage papers  that create a more “home” look. 

Next, lay cardboard over the area that will need glass, making sure to cut accurately and include any outlets.  Take the template you created to a glass fabricator near you and they can cut to size.  To secure, fasten to wall and place a thin bead of clear silicone  sealant along the edges to prevent any water damage.  

When you want to change the look again, simply replace the paper!

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Candles can add so much for a special occasion, but having to deal with cleanup, not so much.  Now that you know how to get wax off floors and fabrics, I thought I would share another helpful tip on these waxy little things.  The next time you place a candle in a holder, rub a small amount of olive oil on the bottom and it will not stick to the surface.  Cleanup is already done for you!

Above candleholders are from Create and Barrel.

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Valentines day is over, and now that a few days have past, its time to toss those dead flowers and work on getting candle wax off our furniture and carpets (its ok, we all know candles make this day what it is).  Many think that getting rid of wax is impossible, but its far from the truth.  

To remove from carpet or fabrics:

    *Lay an absorbent paper towel over the stain and with an iron (set to a low setting or steam) hover over the area, be sure not to touch the towel.  Be careful the setting is not too high, as you can catch the towel on fire.  With a putty knife, press the paper towel against the stain, which will begin to soak up.  This will need to be repeated many times to get out tough spots. 

To remove spots on hard surfaces:

    *Rub an ice cube over the wax puddle until it becomes very hard.  Once its like a rock, you should be able to pick it right off.  This same technique can also be used to remove gum as well!

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Somewhere along the lines of us growing up and maturing, we seem to have forgotten just why it was so great to be a kid.  You never cared what you looked like (well some people still fall into that category!) and we always mixed and matched.  After coming across this slipcover, I remembered why it was so great to put different colors and patterns together, for the most part, they look amazing.  Most fabrics come in great colors and textures, so why not mix it up a little.  Not feeling it right away?  That’s normal.  Whenever we make big changes in our homes, it does take a few days to get used to it, so don’t count things out right away, live with it for a week first.

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