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Summer Rentals

Every time I hear the phrase Summer Rental, the first thing that pops to mind is the movie with John Candy and ridiculous sunburns, but these rentals are quite something.  Available through Casamidy‘s vacation rental site, the homes available offer quite a bit.  With 4 different locations, these homes are beautifully designed and have amazing views.  You can rent out the homes for a week or monthly and each has a very distinctive look.  Below are the Villa Olivia in Sayulita and Hotel D’Hallwyl in Paris.  If only I could stay here, just for a day!

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 7


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Designed hotel

If I ever find myself in Toronto, I have just found the hotel for me!  The Gladstone Hotel is by far one of the most unique hotels I have seen, and after seeing the photos of their rooms, it just makes me want to book them all!  Each of their rooms and suites have been designed by different artists and designers, making each truly different and unique.  Some of the rooms I am simply loving….

To read more about The Gladstone Hotel, click here.

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Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9Picture 14

Picture 15

Picture 16

Picture 17

Picture 18

Picture 20

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Picture 16

Great design and trailer park are hardly words I would normally put together, but in this case, this is an amazing trailer park!  Located in Cape Town and at the roof level of the Grand Daddy hotel, you will find a handful of beautifully decorated Airstreams that you can actually rent for the night (and yes, there is running water, ac/heater and working bathrooms!) Each has been hand designed by local artists and designers and are quite cozy if you ask me.  Of course not to be outdone, the hotel itself is a sight to see!  

To check out the Grand Daddy Hotel and trailer park, click here. 

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Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 13

Picture 15

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Sights were seen

Over the weekend, I took a trip out to Utah for a weekend of baseball watching.  While there, other then finding out I cannot handle weather under 50 (what can I say, I am a CA girl!) I got a few shots of some pretty impressive architecture.


Salt Lake City,City Hall


The Temple


Not quite sure what this one was, but check out that buffalo. 



I just loved the color of the brick!  Side of my brothers house.


The “old” City Hall


While touring the University of Utah campus, we came across these amazing 3D models in the basketball arena.  Such great detail!





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In my quest of finding interiors that make me fill warm and fuzzy inside, I came across the Be Manos hotel in Belgium.  Not only is this a family owned hotel, they did the design too!  Just take a look at the spectacular interiors below…




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Finally, a way to get those pesky smells out of your house and car without looking like an evergreen or smelling like flowers on a hot day. The Chikuno Cube is made from ultra fine powder of bamboo charcoal and clay materials, creating an odor absorbing smart box.  Its only 2 inches big but packs a mean punch because of its honeycomb design.  Plus, it can be re-used for up to 1 year, just give it some sun beams for 6 hours a month.  This is so popular, it sold out with a few days, but will be back in stock in a few days.

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To order the Chikuno Cube Natural Bamboo Air Freshener, click here.

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Weekend Getaway


While most were out looking for brightly colored eggs, I was lounging poolside at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.  Sorry.  Anyway, the hotel was relaxing, and the design was pretty good to look at as well.  Couldn’t help but snap a few pics here and there.  Above, midday, Ace Hotel property.  It was a great contrast with its bright white walls and orange doors against the dark hillsides. 


Interior of their King room with private patio.  Loved the simple look; concrete floors, canvas lined walls, simple furniture and our very own record player (who travels with records!?)



Everything just had a very relaxed feel, perfect for a weekend getaway! Friendly staff, check.  Free bikes to ride around town, check.  Public fireplaces, check.  Two pools with tasty beverages, check.  Dog friendly, check. Early check in and late check out, check check.  The details were definitely not spared here, even down to their cups…


which were made from plants!  I highly recommend this hotel, price couldn’t be better, and while their location is a bit out of the way of the downtown shopping and eating, the free bikes make it easily accessible, with a short 10 minute ride!  Two thumbs up!!

To check out Ace Hotel & Swim Club for yourself click here.

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