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Looking for A Designed Life? Your in the right place! In case you didn’t notice, the blog got a little bit of a facelift with a new name, new and recurring topics and a few new features.  Did you know you can download music?  Well you can, over there to the right under “What Im listening to” and there is even a Facebook fan page for everyone to share how they live their designed life.  And of course there is always Twitter.  Plus, every Tuesday I will be showcasing my Etsy Top 3 Tuesdsay, if you think you have an amazing shop, let me know!  So please, all you lovely readers out there, update your bookmarks and blogrolls.  Pretty please!?



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Sorry ladies and gents, but posting is going to be a little light for the next month or so. With the wedding in 30 days, there is just still so much I have to get done… its all in the details! Be sure to follow me over on Twitter for great design finds, giveaways, photo inspiration and my random thoughts!

Flower photo via our lovely florist for the wedding, Peony & Plum and cake photo via flickr.
Wedding details

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In case you hadn’t noticed, A Designed Life is now on Twitter.  Along with links to posts, you can find me tweeting away with links to anything I find amusing and entertaining!

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