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Its Friday, and boy am I ready for the weekend!  I thought I would take a quick look over at Velocity and CB2 to see what is new in stock, and found a large amount of glass objects for your home.  There is something about these clear little pieces that make me want them all!  

When I was little, my Mom kept a huge porcelain piggy bank in her closet and every time my brother and I saved up some coins and the hard to come by “paper money” as we liked to call it, we dropped it in the bank.  I am loving the Glass Piggy Bank by Roost, made from borosilicate glass, these could be the perfect solution for a more modern kids room, or you know, in my bookcase!  Lately, I have been seeing more and more terrariums becoming popular, no doubt due to its insane cuteness and who doesn’t love a living plant in their room?  These Recycled Glass Bubble Terrariums are hand crafted without a mold so no two look exactly alike.  The organic shapes are perfect as a small centerpiece for a tabletop or shelf.

Picture 9

These Palette Bowls are perfect for summer entertaining!  I am loving the pop of orange and yellow… I can just picture a pile of green apples sitting in these.  My motto, you can never have too many vases, and these Noir Vases are nice enough to look at even without flowers!  They may not be made from glass, but I couldn’t help myself!  Made from matte black iron and polished nickel on the inside, these will sure turn some heads.  Last but not least, these Glass Canisters are perfect for keeping your bathroom and small objects nice and tidy!  If only I had seen these when I was in need of some jars!

Picture 11


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While browsing through 2Jane, I started to realize there was so much that I liked!  I love their different types of products, including their line of paint by number wallpaper.  I have a long time love of paint by number, when I was little, my grandmother and I would sit at the dining table and paint, by number, for hours!  To see it for the walls makes me want to whip out a cheap set of paint with a brush with only 10 hairs!  (For those out there that have ever painted one of these, you know exactly what Im talking about!).  Anyway, a few things that I wouldn’t mind finding a place for in my house.

Fusion lace coasters and Lovely lovely vinyl tablecloth
Picture 1

Champaign glasses and Chandelier Print Light

Picture 4

Wall Stripe Paint by Number: High Seas Hijinx and Floral Funk

Picture 3

And they have the Tilly the Flying Dog paint by number wallpaper!  I actually got a sample of this years ago to talk about it to my materials class in college!  Although mine was from Europe!  Can’t believe they are still making this print.

Picture 5

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Picture 4

Now that spring has sprung, it may be time to update those vases you had stashed away.  Clockwise from top right: Flower Pod, the Umbra Loft Collection, Floral Vase, Ada Hanging Vase, Stoneware Bud Vases, and the Taj Mahal Vases.

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Lovely florals

picture-35Now that spring is in the air I can’t help but surround myself with fresh blooming flowers, and these illusion vases could make for a great update to those vases we shove into the cabinets every year.  Made from glass, they are designed to hold single stems in their center “tear drop” (left).  And, if you have a full bouquet instead, you can turn it upside down for a completely different look (right).  Two sizes available, small: 6″H x 3″D or large: 12″H x 3″D.

To order, click here. 

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While these vases may be a bit lopsided, we don’t judge.  Made from recycled glass, these vases which sort of take on a balloon shape work well as a group or individually.  You can purchase individually or as a group.

To order the Recycled Glass Balloon Vases, click here.

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There is just something super simplistic about this pendant that I just love.  Made from glass and metal, this look would work great over any table!  Size: 11″ diameter.

To order the Globe Pendant,  click here.


Moroccan inspired side table with hand applied decals make for a little fun in the room.  Made from fired porcelain and measures 12″ square x 17″ H… perfect next to a sofa or bed.   Plus, its on sale!

To order the decal square drum table, click here.


And last but not least, these fun tree trunk boxes are a fun way to get organized without looking like you have a bunch of boxes everywhere.  There are two sizes available, small: 5″ diameter x 3″H;  medium: 9″ diameter x 3″H.

To order the Wooden Trunk Boxes, click here.

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Candles can add so much for a special occasion, but having to deal with cleanup, not so much.  Now that you know how to get wax off floors and fabrics, I thought I would share another helpful tip on these waxy little things.  The next time you place a candle in a holder, rub a small amount of olive oil on the bottom and it will not stick to the surface.  Cleanup is already done for you!

Above candleholders are from Create and Barrel.

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