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Its Tuesday and you know what that means.  My top etsy picks for the week.  A little home decor, a few ceramics and some wall vinyl.  Its a good Tuesday.

I can’t express how much I love mixing traditional and modern designs, and these ceramics from Nina in Vorm are impressive.  Nina has a great eye for details in her custom screen printed ceramics and vintage “redecorated” ceramics.  What a great way to enhance all those old dishes!  Each of her pieces is very handmade, using a combination of slipcasting and hand shaping.  The result, one of a kind pieces that are just so much fun to look at.  I think each time I look, I find something new in her designs!  If you are loving her work as much as I do, you must check out her blog.  Hello color.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Ninainvorm on etsy

Next up are the findings from Sky Parlor.  If you have a love for vintage and quirky little additions for your home, then you must stop by and take a look around.  All of their items have a slightly worn feeling, in a good way.  Little accessories are a good way to create small vignettes in your home.   Its a great way to show off a collection or showcase your favorite pieces, and because it is small, you can often change it out without spending a dime!   A few of Sky Parlors items that I wouldn’t mind finding a place for in my house… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Sky parlor on etsy

And last but not least today, how about some wall graphics?  Designer Michelle Christina has some pretty fun wall vinyl and stickers that can really make an impact on any average wall, glass or even toilet.  Just check out her blog for some ideas.  I just love the fun factor of her designs, who said that wall graphics have to be formal and always grown up anyway.  And those stickers for glassware are a perfect way to add a little pizazz to your ordinary cups.  I think those pink jellies are my favorite, I could see them adding some fun to any bathroom! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Michelle Christina on etsy


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Its Tuesday and time for some Etsy love!  Each week, I just love diving into all things crafty and this week I have found some great finds!  Lets start things off with the lovelies from Stitchado.  In a time where everything is disposable, its important to do our part to take care of those landfills, and it could start with some of these adorably embroidered hanky’s.  Stitchado not only creates lovely designs on handkerchiefs, she also works on towels, napkins and pillows for your home as well as kids clothing!  How cute would that little Christmas tree look on your little guy or gal this season!?  Have an idea that would be perfectly embroidered? She also does custom work!! 1. Wild Poppy Napkins, 2. The Hook Up Hanky, 3. Wipe those bugs off your nose hanky, 4. Winnie Dog hanky, 5. Funky Birdie short sleeve, 6. Holiday happiness.


It may be dark and gloomy outside, makes it even more important to bring in some bold colors for the fall.  A quick, easy and usually cheap way to add a little wow to a wall or tabletop is by adding some creative artwork to brighten up a day.  While some like to follow seasons with their designs, for fall its mostly rusts, purples, sage, brown and creams, but for me, I like to also add in some bright pops of color.  Gives your eye a little treat!  And with that, please let me introduce you to Magnesina’s shop.  Taken by a very talented Agnieszka from Poland, these photos make me want to grab a cup of tea and daydream.  1. Waterdrop, 2. TTV colorful Heather, 3. Colorful Heather, 4. Prunus Triloba flower, 5. Calm and Relaxing, 6. I love nature.

Magnesina on EtsyOk, I just couldn’t resist.  I just love the humor in some of these wall decals by Popwall.  I wouldn’t recommend putting these up on every wall in every room of your home, but here and there, they are a great way to add a little non permanent design.  Made out of vinyl, these are perfect for indoor and out and come in a huge variety of colors.  See something you like but needs a little tweaking?  Popwall also does custom work!  Just a few I thought were clever… 1. Birch tree with flying bird, 2.  Live with Nature 2, 3. Birds in Garden, 4. Deer, 5. Dog Pissing, 6. Bird on tree branch.

Popwall decals

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Its no secret I heart wall vinyl, there are just so many ways to get creative with it, it doesn’t damage walls and is fairly low in cost.  What’s not to love!  A quick stop over at Byrdie Graphics and now I want to redo my place, yet once again!  A few that were my stand out favorites, oh and that blue refrigerator… hello beautiful!

The Cubby Birdie Branch and the Shabby Floral Flock Damask.

Byrdie Graphics on etsy

Moroccan Flowers and the Speckled Lolli Tree with Birds.

Byrdie Graphics on etsy

Vintage Flower Blooms and the Single Modern Circle.

Byrdie Graphics on etsy

Looking to change it up without spending a lot?  Come on who isn’t right?  Be sure to check out the sale items available at Byrdie Graphics and at Byrdie Kids, both on Etsy. I am just loving the Brown Elephant Circle, the Light Tan Seagull and the Bird in the Poppies… and did I mention all three are on sale!

Byrdie Graphics on etsy

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Always a fan of fun and modern wall/vinyl decals (seems like everyone calls them one or another), I am loving the designs over at Tweet Heart.  Last week I attended L.A blog social, and one of their little birds was waiting in all of the goodie bags!  Free and cute, yes!  I took a look today at their shop and there is all kinds of fun stuff for your purchasing pleasure.  Plus, if you stop over at Tweet Hearts blog, you can enter to win one of their retro flower designs!  A few of the decals that I wouldn’t mind finding a place for in my apartment…

I have a thing for birds, and I am loving these Victorian Peacock decals!  A little whimsical and a little girly, just the way I like it!

Tweet Heart decal

This Forest of Love set is perfect for nurseries and kids rooms.  Who said you have to stick with pink and blue anyway?

Picture 2

Every time I see these kinds of dinosaurs, I think of my good friend Jared.  This ones for you buddy!  The Mommy and Me decal is just too cute for words.

Tweet Heart decal

Oh the irony.  Adding the Retro Style Laundry Panels to your laundry room is just too much. Love it!

Tweet Heart decal

The Retro Flowers are perfect for adding a little something to a corner or blank wall, and you can win them here!

Tweet Heart decal

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Its been a while since I have posted about fun wall decals, so here you go!  I love decals, they are so practical, and when you are tired of it, you don’t feel so bad changing it up, not to mention how easy it is to do. And don’t limit decals to only walls, they will work on virtually any flat surface, so get inspired and add some vinyl to your life! Loving the designs over at The Surface Store, and the prices are pretty good.

(via mochatini)

 Power lines I wouldn’t mind standing near!

Picture 6

These next two are perfect for kids rooms.  The days of solid pink/blue/green and yellow walls are in the past, kids spend tons of time in their rooms, so why not give them something bright and cheery?

Picture 7

Picture 8

Instead of a coat rack in your entry way, mix it up a little with this hanger decal.  Quirky, fun and practical, just the way I like it.

Picture 9

Picture 10

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Going to be in L.A June 26-28 and totally into interior design, be sure to check out CA BOOM in Beverly Hills.  What is it exactly?  Open to everyone, this weekend event packs great exhibitors with their newest products, collections and projects all under one roof.  You can find everything from actual firms showing off their amazing designs to small business with all the newest trends in design.  There is even going to be a prefab home on display just outside the venue and Coolhous, the uber cool ‘prefab’ ice cream sandwich company will be on hand serving their architectural treats.

This year, there will be a tour of the Stahl House, a case study home built in 1959 and holds the title of being one of the top 10 houses in Los Angeles.  A portion of ticket sales go toward preserving the home.

Picture 11

Picture 12

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Loving these wall vinyl stickers from Wall Sticker.  These are perfect for rooms that you can’t paint, and like to change often.  And for all those that have kids out there, Wall Sticker has tons of stickers geared toward your little ones.  Loving that some come as actual chalk boards!  

To browse through Wall Stickers collection, click here.

(via design milk)

Picture 12

Picture 4Picture 13

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