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Ok, so I have been trying to organize all these photos from our big day and realized I left out some pretty fun details from Monday’s post, Welcome to my wedding.

A few of the small details, because, well, what would it be without them!  I used my Mom’s rosary that she received from her Dad for her wedding to tie around my bouquet giving it the sentimental touch.

So what was I doing the nights before the wedding?  I actually made the fabric flowers broaches for my bridesmaids necklaces as well as a few little flowers for the flower girls to wear in their hair.  And, the night before the big day, you could see me sitting and hand stitching my garter.  That’s right, the night before!

For another sentimental moment, I also incorporated two rhinestone bow clips that were either from my Grandmother or Aunt’s (my officiant) shoes from way back in the day into two of my bridesmaids bouquets. The jury is still out on who they really belonged too!

And I completely forgot to show what the tables looked like.  Used a maroon silk printed runner with amazing flowers on top.  I wanted to make sure to show the beauty of the wooden tables!  And last but not least, one of the best features of our location was an amazing stained glass wall.  My girls in front really bring out the bold color aspect I was going for!


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Ah yes, Tumbler Thursday is here and lets just say I could spend hours looking at amazing wedding shots for you!  There are just so many talented and creative people out there, weddings are like creativity overload for me.  From table settings to florals to attire and lets not forget about the invitations, every aspect of a wedding is carefully thought out and most likely had been perfected for months. So please enjoy! And if you are a married guy and gal, take a minute to think back to your big day and what made it truly special to you.  As always, click on each photo for the link and larger image.

My special moment?  The first time the doors opened for my Dad and I and seeing the amazing flowers and my future husband waiting for me with the biggest smile I have ever seen.

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Its day 2 of wedding week and I have a lovely little set of engagement photos to share today.  Please meet Mercie and Vivek, a happy couple from New York who just happen to have the cutest ‘real’ photos from their engagement.  There are so many shots out there with the typical engagement poses, its so refreshing to be able to see personality come through!  Laughter, love and modern backgrounds are center stage here.  Don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see the wedding!  Photos done by Keira Lemonis Photography. Oh how I wish I took engagement shots, although at 19, its not something you really think about!  And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I was engaged forever.

And after searching Keira’s site, I found a little shot of the happy couple from their big day!  Mercie, I can’t wait to see the rest, you two look fantastic!

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I am so excited for this week, not only because its just one more week closer to the holidays where I get to see all of my family, but it is also the begging of wedding week here on the blog.  I thought I would get things started with shots from my very own wedding!  Even though I have a few months under my belt being a newlywed, I still find myself on numerous wedding sites in search of all things pretty!  So if you are a bride to be, newlywed or just love weddings and can’t get enough of all the gushy-ness that ensues, I’ve got you covered this week!

We got married in September at Figueroa Hotel (a Moroccan inspired hotel) in downtown Los Angeles.  If you are a regular reader, you know my current obsession with all things colorful, and it so did not stop for the wedding.  It was all location, location, location for us.  I wanted to blend my cultural background with modern accents, bold color and romanticism, and boy did I get it!  And thanks to my amazing photographer, Shannon Renee Photography, I have so many photos to get all kinds of giddy over!

There were none of the “typical” flowers at this wedding!  I worked with Peony and Plum and wow, did Susan do an amazing job.  Succulents mixed with mums and dahlias all in deep rich tones were used to create a stunningly beautiful and bold backdrop

We chose to take our couple photos before the ceremony and had some “us” time.  Since the location was in the middle of downtown, we wanted to utilize all the amazing sites and chose to visit Olvero Street, a hub of shops selling wares that are filled with trinkets and food with a Mexican flair.

Perhaps one of our favorite parts was the vintage record player.  We had our flower girls and ring bearer carry a vintage 45 down the aisle to my husband.  He played “I Only Have Eyes For You” as I walked down the aisle with my Dad.

One of our biggest surprises was an 8 piece Mariachi band that began playing as we walked back down the aisle.

And the cake!  We had an amazing baker concoct a delectable red velvet masterpiece that was all vegan!  Everyone loved it and it was our secret until everyone ate that it was vegan.  Always with interior design on the brain, we were told the cake had to be all white due to the vegan aspect… didn’t stop me!  I found an amazing fabric trim to add detail and character. Jamaica, you did one amazing job.

And of course I couldn’t do it without the help of the ladies over at Smitten, an Events Lab.  These girls kept the day running smoothly and most importantly, on time… I think!

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Ok, so as you may know, occasionally I have talked about my wedding in September and have been dying to share some of the photos with you.  My husband and I spent hour upon hour looking through photographers portfolios, something all brides to be should really pay close attention to, a little tip, you will forget a lot from the night.  I spent weeks excited to get the proofs back, and lets just say, Shannon is one seriously talented lady.  And today I am picking up the prints!  And its pretty much all I can think about.  I still can’t share all the details with you… yet, but just had to share one, just one!

photo via Shannon Renee Photography

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Im off to get married!

Ok ladies and gents, its about that time where I say so long… for a while!  I am off to get married this Saturday and posting is well, lets just say come back in two weeks!  I hope everyone has a great week and be sure to come back for a great giveaway from one talented lady!

With a ton of small details to finish up (I had to be the total hands on bride and hand made everything… from invitations to place cards to even custom hand stamping each individual guest book page!) I will be one busy lady from now till Friday.  Please feel free to keep leaving your comments… I love it when you guys do that!

And, because I just can’t stop all communication, be sure to follow me over on Twitter for all my quirky anecdotes and design links.  Who knows, I may even tweet before saying I do!

Below, a photo I took at the location of the wedding.  It is an evening ceremony and these lanterns fill the lobby and hallway to the party!

Figueroa Hotel

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Now that the wedding is in 26 days (omg!), it seems the only questions I am getting are wedding related.  Over the weekend, we met with our amazing florist Susan, from Peony & Plum, and boy did she dazzle us! Not only did I get to see everything, they are beatifying my place as we speak… I can’t tell you what its like to wake up and see your wedding flowers all ready to go.  A few photos I took in our yard…

candelabra peony & plum

My bouquet.  I wanted it to be non traditional and colorful.  Check and check!

bouquet peony & plum

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