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Do you guys ever just come across something and think, absolutely amazing.  It just happened to me via my twitter friends and just had to give you guys the link too.  Have you heard of Pomplamoose?  No, its okay, I just found out about them, but I am already and instant fan.  Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn are some seriously talented musicians who like to make covers.  Really really good covers.  Plus they are from San Francisco, pretty much the only other place I would ever want to call my home.  So sit back, grab a friend or two and press play, its totally worth it.





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Serious talent

Last Friday, my fiance and I were trying to catch up on all the podcasts we have been putting off, and came across Theresa Andersson‘s performances on KCRW.  Amazing!  Not only is the music great to listen to, but to actually watch her perform is something not to miss!  Theresa creates music using live looping, a way to create music by recording bits played live and looped together to create background vocals and instruments.  How do you control the sound you might ask?  Theresa stands barefoot on a rug with a series of pedals which she controls with her toes throughout the song (and while balancing instruments) making each sound different.  You can watch the entire set she played on KCRW‘s page (I highly recommend taking a look, it has the best picture quality!)  The podcast was in early May, and this clip is from Theresa’s performance on Craig Ferguson.  Be sure to check out the video, and if you have time tune into the podcast, simply amazing.  Makes me want to go out and learn 5 different instruments!

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Yesterday while browsing Design*Sponge, a blog about home and product design, I came across amazing video by Israel native Oren Lavie.  

                        Some fun facts about the video:

Only one camera was used and shot roughly 3,225 still photos for the entire video

It took 4 weeks to create the storyboard, but only took 2 days to film, frame by frame

Some of the sheets used in the video were from Oren’s own sheet collection, making them collectors items

To read more on the video, click here.  

To read more from Design*Sponge, click here.

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Human design

While browsing you tube today, I came across this funny little video.  Warning, the song will stay with you for the rest of the day!

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